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Is it possible that toddlers or kids staying in sky high apartments may be having a different perception about the world outside? Do they get to know nature and their real surroundings other than the walls and doors and lifts? It appears to be quite a confusing situation for them which need to be thought about seriously. Read on to get more views and opinions in this connection.
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    Is multi-storied buildings affecting children's mind?

    Toddlers and kids living in high multi-storied buildings may be having a different idea about their surroundings. And they may grow up with that idea till they get to know the nature and the natural way of life in a real way. Can we say that they are experiencing a surrealistic world till then?

    Recently I had attended one of my friend's house warming function in Bangalore. She had purchased an apartment in the 30th floor. It is a huge big multi-storied apartment. When I was standing in the balcony the view was beautiful but a cute two and half year old kid came there and was looking down. The balcony was, no doubt, fully secured with grills. After some time, the child started telling her relatives that there are lot of ants moving down near the balcony. Every body was enjoying her cute words. Actually the road and the vehicles, people who were moving around etc seemed like ants to that child at such a height.
    After that I was thinking that when we buy or go for rent to a multi-storied building at such height, we hardly come down because now everything can be got online or through home delivery. I specially feel that young kids staying in multi storied buildings will never have a view of or a natural way of contact with people. They will never know that it is road and not ants until they grow up a bit. I was confused whether staying in multi-storied building will change the way of children's thinking because we, at least in our childhood, had lot of fun outside the house itself. But now we hardly see children playing outside because of multi-storied buildings or many more reasons.
    By all this, I think young kids are developing a different picture about the world in their mind.
    What are your opinions?
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    There are positive and negative aspects associated with almost everything. It depends on our outlook as to how we perceive the same.

    In mega cities of the world like Tokyo, Moscow, New York, Shanghai, Beijing, London, Paris and Los Angeles there are highrise buildings since ages and the children born on the higher floor of such buildings must now be raising their third or fourth generation on the similar higher floors. Even back home in India in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai and Kolkata etc. there are many rise buildings and the general trend is that such buildings are increasing.

    Such buildings provide many advantages like enhanced security, clean environment, better ambience and are generally cost effective compared to the independent houses. Many such buildings have even swimming pools and gardens on higher floors. The children living in the higher floors go down for attending schools and while accompanying their parents in shopping or social visits. At that time they are able to see the animals and other things in their original size and shape.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes I fully agree with the author that kids who are brought up in the high rise buildings are never made to see the busy roads out side unless and until they get grown up and thus they are denied with the knowledge of what is going on outside the apartment and in the vicinity. One of my relative son who was brought up in apartment culture for whole three years, the parents never took him to the down stairs as there are many people to look after him and address his needs. At the most he would come down to play in the lawn and mingle with the other toddlers in the apartment. When after three years the parents started to take him out, he would fear on seeing the honks and sounds of the traffic and would cry heavily. The frightened child never opens the eyes and insists that he may be kept in the lap of the mother. That was challenging situation for anyone as the child wont go to school in that frightening condition.
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    This thread reminded me of an old incident. Two cousins of mine who were small kids then were residing at a place in the North-East which used to remain foggy all throughout the year and they rarely got to see the Sun. Once when they came up to visit us at a relatively clearer place, the Sun was visible and I still remember their excitement on seeing the same. The smile on the face of the elder one when he told his younger one that 'look, there is Sun in this place' is still fresh in my mind. So, I agree with the author that kids and toddlers living in high rise multi-storied buildings are likely to have a different perception about the world outside at least till they get to know the ground realities. With technological advances they might get to see the natural world outside but the possibility of a confusion being created in their innocent minds cannot be ruled out. It is rather a psychological issue which we need to be careful about. With youngsters getting distanced from nature, there are already so many things about which they are not aware and we must be ready to accept facts and correct ourselves lest the life of the future generation becomes too mechanical.
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