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    What about people who brag about their high connections?

    All of us may be knowing few such individuals who brag about their high connections. Such people are called the name droppers. Some of them purposefully drop names of high positioned people to impress others during social conversations. Few of them are very polished and suave in dropping such names.

    I personally, don't like such people. Rather they irritate me and lose their respect in my eyes. They are perhaps no less than a conman who cheats gullible and unsuspecting individuals.

    Such people try to milk advantages by impressing others and often use them in running errands.

    What are your observations regarding such people?
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    Most of those whom I have heard about, never get tired of boasting about their higher connections. My father serves as a Treasury Officer and during his career, he has seen several people who did not use to come regularly to their job. They used to behave too free and relaxed, while they used to be around co-workers. Some other facts associated with them are that they work in the city or location of their own choice and have to worry the least about transfers and promotions. By the use of their higher connections, they get themselves moved to an office nearest to their place. And even when that gets done, they do not wish to work. They come and forward their work to others. Several co workers like to be around such a person, in hopes that he may pass them some favor by doing some special setting for them too to get transferred to their desired place. And that is what troubles honest government employees the most.

    Even when they are in need of getting a job location near their actual residence, they have to give up all the hopes. Because they are already knowing that two or three people who are relatives of ministers are already trying for that particular job location and that what can a man with no higher connections can do to get the location, except writing a request to whosoever it may concern (which may never get read, actually).

    And it is somewhat similar in private sector as well.

    Even otherwise, we can find one of our neighbors trying to suppress all others because he maybe rich or have powerful connections. Focusing more on this fact, I have a recent example from our town where a rich Delhite visited our town to start some kind of business on his property, and within a few months, he has grabbed the land of two people surrounding his farms. These two hard working farmers are now having no clues on exactly what should be done. Their crime seems to be that they don't have enough education, money and man power (gangs?) to suppress the other party, as the other party can do on them. Recently, one of these farmers have visited my father to read their property papers that included an old, pale khatauni or some kind of map with farm numbers by which we were able to know that the part of farm in question still belong to this farmer. But, not much can be done to remove the illegal occupancy from their farm. The man who has grabbed the land illegally is way too rich, criminally active and also have several connections with ministers. Even after having all the proof of ownership, the poor farmer and his family is afraid that if a case gets filed in the court, it may run for lifelong and their rights to use their farm for farming may be paused until courts decision. Therefore, the poor family has settled to use their remaining land for farming for now.

    Altogether, I have observed that these people brag about their higher connections because these connections really work well and fast in their favor. As common people with no special connections, it may waste our precious time if we intend to fight against any of it. That is the harsh and mute reality of today.

    Ank Arya

    "Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth"

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    Invariably I found that those who pretend to have high connections with high people in the society actually fail to draw the results when situation arise. My father used to say that you knowing many people is not the question here, they must know you and regard you. I think his statement is really suits here. Many wants to claim the acquaintances with high people and think that during need they would help but invariably the so called high connection people skirt their responsibility and instead state to follow the rule of the law and thus we are left with lurch at the last moment.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    These people are name-callers. They always directly or indirectly brag about their connections with high and mighty. They do it not only for boasting, but also to get their personal work one by impressing and pressurising people. Delhi, as the capital of the country, has a fair share of such name-callers. After years of experience of working in Delhi, I have got a little bit of experience to tackle such people.
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    I hereby confess that I have got sick of such people and their tendency to mention their connections even wherever unnecessary.
    Ank Arya

    "Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth"

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