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    Uniform dress code promotes spirit de corps

    Uniform dress code promotes spirit de corps among the students,employees, team members,and organisation.Spirit de corps is a common spirit of brotherhood, comradeship, cohesion, team spirit, enthusiasm, and devotion to a cause/duty among the members of a group/team or organisation.the great management guru henryfayol has given 14 principles of management such as unity of command,span of control,discipline, innitiative,order,and spirit de corps. Spirit de corps is an important principle of management which binds the people of the team/ organisation together and creates better relation among the employees,employer and employees.This form the strong basis of industrial relation.Remove the feeling of high and low. This spirit leads to better work performance and more out put.more out put results in better profit.Express your thoughts and opinions about the more benefits to the organisation from the uniform dress code promotes spirit de corps
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    Esprit de corps is a phrase of French language which means feelings of loyalty, enthusiasm and devotion among members of a group. In the context of businesses, it is known as the employee morale also. It has a direct bearing on the productivity. Esprit de corps or morale is a very important factor in the military as it improves unit cohesion.

    Wearing a uniform do promotes esprit de corps. Uniforms are worn not only by armed forces, paramilitary forces, police, security guards etc. but in the schools and by professionals like the lawyers, doctors, nurses etc. also. The purpose of wearing a distinctive uniform in the prison is to facilitate the inmate's easier identification and managing them.

    In society also generally there are such practices like the priests and monks wear certain kind of dresses and in the past widows were supposed to wear white dresses only.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes it is the fact that the uniform promotes oneness among the people who wear it and belong to a particular group and not only that it also draws respect from the society too.
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