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    Is there real humour in Uniform?

    "Humour in Uniform': that was my priority reading when 'Readers' Digest' was my regular reading habit some years ago. (Can I say a uniform habit? ) That regular column ( rather wo or three devoted pages) published jokes and humours from the life of army men. Of course, that was many years ago. But still, I am amused to hear or read about the humorous episodes narrated by armed forces personnel.

    As I had read about the dry, monotonous and tense life of the armed forces personnel especially on the action fields and battlefronts, I salute the soft side of them who find moments of real humour in their toughened life, like oasis in a desert. But then, those small moments of mirth and jokes are the battery chargers for them when they are separated from their family and staring at the enemies eyeball to eyeball.
    Many times we dismiss as exaggerations or 'badai' the narrations by an ex-serviceman. But the humour in uniform column had given me some real life humours and hard facts about life of an army, navy or air force personnel.

    The last I recall is a scene from a Malayalam movie. The hero, in vigil at India-Pak border suddenly hears firing sound at night. He gets ready to retaliate and takes position , but the firing soon stops. Nest morning he faces the Pak soldier and shouts that it was just his luck that the Pak soldier did not get killed by his return firing. After a few angry exchanges the real humour comes out. The Pak soldier was firing to celebrate as Pak cricket team's victory which he heard in the radio. Then both laugh.
    Though I had a smile at that like the two persons in uniform, I also felt corners of my eyes wet : due to something unexplainable. I am sure you too feel same reading this.

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    Wow what a joke on firing amidst tension at the border as the author got into good narration of the TOW topic which made the interesting reading and some fun too.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    I was an avid reader of the 'Humor in Uniform' pages of the Readers Digest. For many years I subscribed to the periodical by paying an annual subscription fee at a discounted rate and for many years afterward, I bought it mostly from the book stalls at the railway stations while traveling by trains. It was always tempted to open the 'Humor in Uniform' page and read it first. However, after the advent of the internet, the charm has gone and the people now keep themselves busy in online activities.

    I remember one such joke about the men in uniform. During one briefing session, the British commander asked the soldiers to raise hands who can jump from a plane while flying high. To his utter surprise, only few Gorkha soldiers raised their hands.

    Later it was revealed that the soldiers were under impression that they have to jump without parachutes.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I had a friend who studied in Sainik School. One joke he used to say was about Deepavali celebration in their school. All the students were asked to fall in line after placing their Deepavali fireworks in place in a row. Then the commander will shout 'Fire". All the students have to light their fireworks on that command and fall-back to their places and positions. It was with a mixed sense of pride of discipline and also a sense of regret of not getting to celebrate like other students that he used to say about this. I was (and still am) not sure whether it was truth or half truth mixed with exaggeration. Though they were in their school uniforms then, it was actually a pre starter to be ' in uniform'.
    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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