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    My Dashboard is sick, may I please have an appointment with Webmaster?

    Dear WM and concerned editors,

    I am observing something strange with my dashboard from some days. To be more correct, I access my 'My Alerts' section right from my dashboard and the same is having this strange issue from some time.

    If you have access to my 'My Alerts', you should please check by clicking on the recent alerts. Several of these alerts are taking me to the usual error page, the latest link being the one where I was notified of one of my response being selected as 'Best answer'. Out of curiosity of knowing which response, I clicked on the link and as usual, I was taken to the error page. Later, I managed to find the concerned response by checking out all the responses that I had submitted recently, one by one.

    I cannot understand what is wrong. I have not submitted my issue in the thread where WM has asked for bugs occurred from theme upgrade because I have no idea if my issue has anything to do with that or not.

    I request you to please look what's wrong.
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    I have also noticed such occurrence in my case in the last few days. Though alerts related to the ask expert section were working fine, but two alerts which were related to the assignment of cash credits to the forum responses were not working and led to the error page on clicking.
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    The appointment taken with the Webmaster on your behalf. Please await his arrival for the meeting.

    Managing Editor,

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    Thanks to ME for her quick action on this.

    I want to update that as I have received another notification in My alerts which read 'New response posted for the forum thread Bug Found: Member Dashboard not displaying latest status' and once again, the same error page.

    Ank Arya

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