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    Parents should never allow children to do tricks with bikes

    I was just going through the messages in social media shared to me and stumbled upon to see a image and video where in two youths are making tricks on a bike with the front wheel totally removed. Just imagine the vehicle is running and they lifted the vehicle like we lift a horse for a fun. Such type of actions are going on at Outer Ring Road in Hyderabad. There is total ban of two wheeler on this road and I just cannot understand how the youth are getting on to that road as at every entry toll gates with security are stationed. Any comment on this ?
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    Some time we fear those bike stunts and some time we pay fees to watch such shows or performance. We expect it should be performed by other person so that we can entertain our self ( but we do not allow our child to show such tricks), but again we congratulate our children if they get some award or recognition for such activities, yes, this is illegal and dangerous as non-professionals can cause accident for them selves as well as for others. SO Government should open a school where interested students can learn and rest of other place should be banned to do such performance except those trained students.
    Because those are extra ordinary activities which can bring name , fame and money for you.

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    We often come across news about bike stunts on the roads of Delhi. In few cases, police had to book the bikers and impound their vehicles. It is declared as a criminal activity also. In one such case, the police had counselled such youths in the police station and had requested religious leaders also to counsel the bikers. Often such youths are caught without helmets and resort to triple riding also.

    There were stances when the stunt bikers resorted to vandalising cars and public property also. A constable was injured when they attacked the PCR van after being stopped by the police. In yet another case, when the police fired to deflate tyre of one such stunt biker, the bullet hit the boy and he died.

    Stunt biking is yet another social menance. Perhaps such youths have no fear of even police, what to talk about listening to their parent's advice. Few years back, here was a big ruckus on the occasion of Shabe-barat when around 2,000 bikers had stormed the New Delhi area.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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