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    Wow! Tamilnadu lady Govt. employees will now get 9 months maternity leave!

    The AIADMK Government in Tamil Nadu has fulfilled at least election promise by increasing the maternity leave of female Government employees from six months to nine months. On the other hand, Last month, the Rajya Sabha passed an Amendment Bill that proposes six months' maternity leave for all working women. The Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Bill, which is yet to be passed by the Lok Sabha, will also provide 12 weeks of maternity leave for women who adopt children and women who get babies via surrogate mothers. So Tamilnadu Govt. is proceeding ahead of Central Government in this regard.

    However, in this connection, I would like to know whether the private sector in the State would follow the direction of the State Govt. of Tamilnadu in this regard, or not. If the benefit does not percolate to all types of lady employees working in every organisation, lady employees will not be fully benefited.
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    There are always two parts of any decisions. I think 9 month leave will be too much pressure for an organization. We all are very much aware about the work speed in Government offices, if we get 9 month leave for a particular person who is having lot of responsibilities and leading role in office, then what would happen, although there is another person is with all same charge. Again this is a good news for women, as they can take care of tehir babies after giving birth for six month.
    I think six month should be there for maximum maternity leave, but as it has been passed from Rajya sabha, so there is no need to finger it out.

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    For new couples this should be the great news. Many of the couples are working and both does not have time to spend with children and hence they were hitherto postponing bearing a child. Now this 9 months leave period with paid salary would be blessing for state government employees who can now deliver and nurture the child up to six months and that should not be problem. Like in Telangana the offices use to have cradle so that infants can be brought to the office and the nurturing be done at the office and this is for those who does not have elders support at the home.
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    If the same facility is not provided to the lady employees working in other sectors including private sector, there will be a feeling of inequality. The lady employees in other sector would feel let down.
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    During the period 1980 to 2011, there was a provision of only three months maternity leave for women employees. Jayalalithaa had increased it to six months in the year 2011 after taking over as the Chief Minister. Now, this time, it has been increased from six months to nine months as per electoral promise. However, as per media reports, it is applicable only in the case of Government employees i.e. the state Government employees as the central Government employees will be covered by the respective rules of the Central Government.

    Thus the step taken by the central Government by initiating the Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Bill has far-reaching consequences compared to the action of the Tamil Nadu Government as it will cover the private sector also.

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    When I joined Central Govt., the maternity leave was 90 days. After the Vth CPC, the maternity leave was increased to 135 days for Central Govt. employees. When my daughter was born in 2000, my wife got 135 days maternity leave. But as far as I know, in private sector, the lady employees are still getting 90 days maternity leave in most of the case.
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    This is indeed a great news for working women but I doubt if private companies will be able to implement it. In fact, some of the companies are still sticking to 3 months maternity leave and have not extended to 6 months. If work from home options is included that will be beneficial for women and also to comapnies if they cannot give leave to 6 months.

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    I personally feel that such politically motivated decisions will do more harm than good in future. What I don't understand is that if 90 days were enough for mothers to take care of their newborn in the earlier days, what difference has come in the field of delivery as on date? Facilities have only increased. The decision of the Central Government to increase the maternity leave to six months is acceptable considering the nuclear family system which we have already almost adopted.

    But the question raised by the author is pertinent in this connection. What about the mothers working in private sector? Can they be set on a different platform? And above all, we get to see so many young mothers, especially those working in the private sector, leaving their children in the care of maids or at day cares and rejoining their jobs so that their career does not suffer. And what about the difference in length of service of those who opt for a single child and those who do not actually count. Will their seniority be affected? I mean, there are so many points connected to this issue which should be considered by any government or authority before taking a decision about maternity leave.

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    Yes, definitely a good news for Tamil Nadu government women employees, it is really a good step regarding the women pregnancy and this kind of help should always be welcomed not only in Tamil Nadu but also in other states of India, as the women employees work hard day and night for the government and this kind of help they deserves. And it is also true that this kind of help will not be successful unless and until the women of private sectors gets it. I strongly advice that our prime minister of our country officially announce this, all over our country, so that every working women of India are benefited.
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    I agree with the views of Mr. #577682 Author: Saji Ganesh. These are all political motives. private sector is not going to give 9 months leave. 4 months are enough to recover from the maternity weakness and problems.If some one wants more leave give her with half pay or without pay leave so that co-employees and the organisation should not suffer. today it is 9 months tomorrow it will reach up to 3 years till the child goes to school.
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    In Government sector, seniority is not affected due to maternity leave. In addition, the lay employees get Child Care Leave upto two years (in total service) to take care of children during examination, illness, etc. I already raised a thread on Child Care Leave some days ago.
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    I appreciate the author's concern towards female employees in private companies who might not be able to avail similar benefits – but inequalities have always existed, haven't they. How many benefits accorded to government employees are passed on to their private counterparts? If the AIADMK Government passes a bill, binding all employers operating within the state then equality might just be possible – however, the legal system might provide loopholes making it possible to ignore the ruling.

    Why is a good thing being made out into something bad? Not everything that was practiced in the past need be the right way of doing things? The human race will stop evolving if it follows the theory that something that served it well in the past is the only way of doing things right.

    Governments across the world provide maternity leave to female employees. It is a welcome step. If it was biologically possible, perhaps men would have chosen to get pregnant in the hope of availing the leave. Nature has decided that only women can bring children into this world. We need to show some respect for women who go out to work, despite the demands that nature puts on them.

    Are 90 days enough to take care of a newborn? Are 4 months enough to recover from weakness and problems? Will 9 months turn to 3 years, till the child goes to school? This is a serious discussion my friends, not one that can be jested about.

    It is not just the woman who brings a child into the world. A child is the responsibility of both parents. A baby coming into the world is as much that of a man as it is of the woman. It is a different matter that during infancy the mother's role is more important than that of the father. Nevertheless, a child belongs to both parents. Husbands or rather men should support policies and decisions that are designed to benefit something that is of their making. The baby is theirs too.

    It has been scientifically proven that kids who are breastfed grow up healthier – physically, socially and emotionally. Experts also recommend that babies are given only breast milk until they are 6 months old. This is the minimum age prescribed. It helps the child build immunity to various diseases. Why deny a baby this benefit? Breast feeding impacts the woman in positive ways as well. There are fewer incidences of life-threatening diseases, (cancer, heart disease and diabetes) in women who choose to breastfeed their babies. The mother's presence also helps create a healthy bond between her and the baby.

    It is true that many women leave their babies at day care centres and with maids – but does that mean that they should not be provided another, better choice?

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    #577780 : At last a scientifically correct response has come. 9 months maternity leave is necessary for breast-feeding the baby. This is the reason I raised the thread. My sister who is an Architect presently working in a world-renowned architectural firm, got only 90 days maternity leave in 2004, that too after lot of discussion, consultation, etc. I sincerely feel that the children of private sector employees get neglected due to their parents' service conditions.
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    Generally, maternity leave is not the only leave which is admissible to the female employees. Often they pool other kinds of leave to extend the period. Leaving aside the child care leave, in the central Government offices, other kinds of normal leaves like earned leave and even medical leave etc. are clubbed with the maternity leave to nurse the baby.

    Practically even after the initial period of maternity leave or such other leaves clubbed together, more leaves are required for raising a baby. Of course, the initial few months are more important.

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    If maternity - leave is supposed to be prime motivator, it should be allowed to prevail but in that way, there should not be any discrimination between private sectors and the Goverment ones. We can see a lot of women working in the private sectors being denied their legitimate leaves even when there is real need for them to avail the same. We are currently fortunate enough to have different NGOs looking after the welfare of these ladies. They should make every efforts to make the lives of these women working in private - sectors comfortable and such arrangements would be in consonance with the facilities provided in the Government - organisation.

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