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    How to link the TOW topic to thread

    I required help in linking my TOW topic to thread. pl tell me the formulla.
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    A perusal of this help topic will help you to create a clickable link. Try it out and come back here if you still have any doubt.
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    anchor text
    Uniform dress code promotes Esprit De corp Applied but not linking.

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    I am attempting to explain to you as to how to insert clickable link-
    1. Open window
    2. Copy and paste following there-
    < a href="">Your link text goes here< / a>
    3. Open your article/content in separate tab. Copy url of the same (the contents of browsing bar)
    4. Replace - "" in point no. 2 above by your url
    5. Go again to your article/content. Now copy title of your content
    6. Now replace - 'Your link text goes here' of point no. 2 above by title of your content
    7. Remove the spaces between < and a at the beginning. Then remove spaces between < and / at the end. Then again remove space between / and a at the end.
    8. Your clickable link is ready. Now write something before this link like you are submitting your entry for the contest etc.
    9. Post it, then carefully review it. In case of any discrepancy, use edit button to correct it. Read it again to ensure that now it is OK.

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    open window means which window where to open
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    Ok understood and successful in linking the topic thank you both sir.
    'Education is a lifelong process, keep on learning new things'

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