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    The never ending story of holes and roads

    My place is a beautiful town in one of the southern districts of Tamil Nadu. It is surrounded by mountains , fields and orchards. I have always enjoyed the beauty of my town. The only thing which bothers all the people living there is the condition of the roads. We had manageable roads. Few months back the Municipality laid new roads and people were very happy about the new roads. But our happiness was very short-lived.
    Within a few days the Municipality people came again and started surveying the roads. People were wondering what they were going to do. Soon we were informed that we will be getting new underground drainage system to make our town look more beautiful. Our problems started from that day. Soon they dug all the new roads to lay the pipes. They started digging one side then the opposite side and finally the centre of the road. They did this to all the streets in our town. It was a big trouble to travel from one part of the town to the other part. In whichever road people went soon they will see a big pit or hole dug on the ground.
    Soon everyone started complaining. People were scared to walk on the road in the night time. They were scared that they might fall into a pit. All were waiting for the work to be completed and the roads to be laid again. But the Municipality people did not bother to lay the roads even after their work was completed.
    The roads are a mess. Now people have started debating which is better - a good road or a good drainage system. Now people get irritated to drive between pits and mounds that they prefer to walk. That too only during the day time. All of us are waiting eagerly for the roads to be laid again. We wish it will happen soon and our town will be happy again
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    I am also at a loss to understand that why the Municipalities wont function with the coordination and cooperation of other departments. Before laying a road, the Municipality must seek the information from other departments like sanitation, power and water sewerage board as to whether they have any maintenance or expansion work. But we have seen that every new road laid is disturbed within few days by undertaking digging by other department and the road was not replaced or relaid. In Hyderabad the Metro rail work is in full swing and they are occupying the middle of the road in all the areas. Now little space is left on either side for the movement of peak hour traffic. Adding woes to the problem. the power department started laying big cable for underground cable project. They should have either started before HMRL initiated their work or should take up later. Now both of them are creating havoc at busy roads.
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    All departments are allocated budget on a yearly basis and they have to spend or utilize the budget within the same financial year. Generally, it happens that one department gets a budget allocation, but not the other department during the same year. Perfect coordination may be possible only when there is a single department. Then there will be no meaning of the decentralization of power. The local self Government systems will have no meaning in case all planning and coordination etc. is done at the state Government level.

    Moreover, the prevalence of the corrupt practices in the municipal bodies etc. are well known. They execute any work only for the fixed commission to be received from the contractors after their tenders are passed. Higher the percentage of commission involved, poorer is the quality of work.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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