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    Astonishing! Lady burns her own face to disfigure herself!

    When Rekha Lodha married Nirmal Kumar six years ago, everybody in the neighbourhood was talking about her beauty and smartness. Her in-laws were proud of her. Two years down the line, Nirmal Kumar began taunting her for being 'too beautiful' for her own good. He would get angry about Rekha attracting unwanted attention from his friends and relatives. Soon her father-in-law, someone Rekha regarded as a father since her own father passed away, started supporting his son Nirmal Kumar. Fed up with the taunts, Rekha, at an age of 30, decided to do something to dodge the attention she invariably drew everywhere. Rekha burnt her own pretty face. On last Wednesday, shocked doctors said that Rekha was out of danger but clearly indicated that she had been disfigured for life. Even now, the lady has refused to file any complaint against her husband!

    Astonishing! How human mind and ego can cause devastation in the family!
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    The police department is waiting for a written complaint either from the victim Rekha or her mother Ramkumari. Without a written complaint, no legal action of further investigation and booking the culprits can be initiated in such cases. The investigation agencies will have to look into if the lady concerned was mentally fit or not before taking this extreme step. It appears to be a case of an extreme step taken in a fit of rage.

    There are several possibilities, the most obvious one being the dowry angle. Also, no information regarding the children of the couple, if any, has appeared in the media report. Such incidences don't happen as a routine or perhaps don't come to light. However, discussions on such issues are always relevant with an objective to create awareness about such issues and to sensitise the people concerned.

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