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    Special needs and requirements of the senior citizens

    Individuals of age 60 years and above are designated as the senior citizens for the purpose of availing entitlements of elderly people or the rights of older persons.

    According to a survey, many elderly people in India are not getting proper nutrition, sufficient health care or medicine and due respect or proper treatment from family members or people in general.

    How do you feel while interacting with an elderly person? Should we treat the senior citizens differently than the normal people? It is not just about the elderly family members, but the senior citizens in general.
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    It is totally a waste to live after sixty. People must leave for heaven before they reach seventy. In such cases we not be branded as senior citizen and suffer in life with poor care, poor nutrition and insufficient medical facilities and no respect from family members and the public. God should understand this problem well and should issue necessary directives/instructions to Lord Yama and his assistant Chitragupta . This is a very serious issue.
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    I am not aware of all the laws and rights concerned with senior citizens, but I can understand that senior citizens do have equal rights to live peacefully and respectfully in the society. The next generation must realize that their parents have done their part to make their children able, and now they owe to take care of their parents and their requirements. In fact, ensuring the social value and rights of senior citizens is not limited to taking care of our own elderly family members. But, that should be where it should all get started.

    Wherever the senior citizens are not getting their rights and being disregarded by the society, a big reason to it is that their own family had disregarded them in past. I know a few people in the area where I reside, and I have seen pedestrians shouting and making jokes on a senior citizen. It is evident that the families of these elderly people can be blamed for this issue. Their own grandsons mock them and their sons do not say a word against the same. Over the time, their own families have contributed in the downgrade of elders' social value.

    Also, in the public transport, many buses do not have reserved seats for senior citizens and the buses that have it, is not followed by the conductors and passengers. It should not be something to be asked for... and senior citizens should be given the seats to sit while they travel. But in harsh reality is that even their reserved seats are occupied by young, energetic individuals who are rarely ready to offer their seats to old people and females.

    One and all senior citizens deserve special treatment, due respect and care within and outside their families. As I said, it must start with our own homes. If people cannot value senior citizens within their own families, they may not be able to respect seniors outside as well.

    Ank Arya

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    Many people believe that the life begins only after reaching the age of 60 years. Prior to that they remain busy in raising their children etc.
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    Yes we have to respect the senior citizens and there are also provisions in the laws to give respect to the senior citizens. Starting with bank which gives .25 percent extra interest on deposit it testifies that senior citizens who worked hard in the past and accumulated some money for saving must be safeguarded in the bank with some special privilege of higher interest. Hence many banks are following that. In our personal life, we must attend to the senior citizens and ask for their any requirement. Mind it most of the senior citizens wont seek any help as they are habituated to fetch on their own. But if you ask them they feel elated and delighted.
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    There are some problems of senior citizens in India. Those problems to be solved by family,society and the government. The security and the safety is in danger of senior citizens,they are being attacked,looted and murdered in the metro cities. some are poor and do not have food and medical help.Some are neglected by their son/daughters and living in stress. Government and societies should come forward to help and solve their problems.
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    Normally, now a day many people treat senior citizens as useless, a human being who is old and with unbalanced body structure, there are also some people who also care them at the same time. People should be aware of this that one day they will also become old and they will also have to face the same negligence which they doing right now against the senior citizens. The only difference between the young generation and senior generation is that we are young and they are old just but we all are human and that should be known by everyone and we should treat them with love because they have more experience than us, and they know the world more than us.
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    With the increase in life expectancy and progress of medical technology, many senior citizens even after reaching 70. Most of them have no financial obligations, they work to remain active. So far as treatment/neglect of senior citizens is concerned, I feel that this neglect arises out of financial dependence. If the senior citizens are financially independent and can take care of their financial needs on their own, they can easily move to good old-care home if nobody is there to look after them.
    So, retirement planning is absolutely necessary in present circumstances. In the USA and other western countries where family bonding is minimal, retirement planning has become a distinct branch of financial planning.

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