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    Uniform development is the panacea for all problems faced by humanity

    Entire India has progressed a lot since independence. Even then there is lot of unrest in various parts of the country due to lack of development. Is it actually lack of development or unequal development? The economists and experts in public administration opine that the unrest is due to lack of equal development rather than lack of development.
    Since the onset of human civilization, human beings have been continuously progressing. Every human settlement anywhere in the world has been progressing, but not equally. Due to this unequal development, invaders and marauders from less developed areas used to attack more developed areas. This could be witnessed all over the world. The socialist and Marxist ideologies are also based upon uniform development. The ultimate aim of class struggle is uniform development of all people. The socialist and Marxist ideologues want a class-less society where all people will equally enjoy the fruits of development.
    Even in capitalist society, the main aim of economic co-operation and economic competition is to bring a sort of uniform progress in respect of development throughout the world. Economic co-operation is easy to be understood. The aim of economic competition also aims to bring the less-developed country or community to the same level of development witnessed by developed country or community.
    Analysing the history of progress of humanity along with present international and national scenario, I feel that uniform development is the panacea for all problems of humanity. If people get to enjoy the fruits of development equally everywhere, there will be no reason for dispute among people. Humanity has to strive for uniform development.

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    The following is a general overview of the various political parties in India which are ruling in the states -

    1. Samajwadi Party - Uttar Pradesh
    1. AAP - Delhi
    3. LDF - Kerala
    4. AIADMK - Tamil Nadu
    5. TRS - Telangana
    6. BJD - Odisha
    7. Trinamool - West Bengal
    8. SDF - Sikkim
    9. Left Front - Tripura
    10. Congress - Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Karnataka, Bihar (along with JD(U) and RJD), Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya and Puducherry(along with DMK)
    11. BJP - Rest of the states.

    Thus we see that about a dozen of political parties are ruling in the different states of India. They have different ideologies and policies. The people of India like this way and therefore elect their Government accordingly.

    India is famous for its unity in diversity which reflects in the formation of the Governments also. Perhaps this is also one of the reasons of non-uniform development in India.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Right from the Independence the rulers in Delhi has preferred to neglect certain part of India and thus the urge to develop themselves without the help of Delhi has taken the first thought in them and slowly that turned as the aim and even some where agitation too. If the development of all states were uniform. then why should there be unrest in different part of the country. The recent bifurcation of Telangana and AP is the result of negligence on the part of the rulers who failed to develop certain part of Telangana and thus the people united to achieve a separate state and that became the reality.
    K Mohan
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    It is not that the politicians of India are not aware of the impediments to the growth but to have the same slogans as echoed by others would diminish their popularity. So here the real problems take a back seat and the politicians' image is of prime importance. Such scenarios of the entire country reflect the attitudes of our governing ministers. The best recourse would have been to include the prime agendas and efforts have to be made to resolve the issues so as to raise the comforts of the people in the sphere of health, education and enforcement of law and orders effectively. Leaders have to be unison in their ideas when the question of upgrading of standard of common people is to be taken. Hope, in the coming time the politicians would play much matured roles in different areas.

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