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    Even for doing robbery education is important

    We come across robbery being taking place across the country and many youths are taking to this wrong route to earn fast money. But when they are illiterate they tend to make mistake. The North India police have arrested a group of youth for stealing a ATM machine. The youth were thinking that they stole a ATM machine itself, but they have stolen a pass book printing machine in the ATM center and thus they were fooled and baffled. On arrest they revealed that due to illiteracy and innocence in the matter, what ever machine seen like ATM would have money and they are deceived.
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    It happened in Assam, not in North India.

    Four persons - Sahab Ali, Saiful Rahman, Mainul Haque and Saddam Hussain were caught by the police for stealing an ATM machine in Guwahati but it came to light that they had stolen the passbook printing machine. The gang had uprooted a passbook printing machine belonging to State Bank of India. However, they were not aware of it and could realize their blunder of carrying the wrong machine only after police caught them. They were fleeing in a car carrying a VIP badge when police on their routine patrol duty decided to intercept them.

    The incidences of ATM looting are increasing and the thieves have mastered the skill of uprooting an ATM machine without damaging the currency notes.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The moment I heard this news in TV, I burst into laughter. These days, movies are showing almost every possible way to do any crime and these guys stole a pass book printing machine thinking that it was an ATM (I am not supporting robbery though). They don't even know what they are stealing. This is a similar incident I heard of. Some years ago, a robber stole some things in an NRI's (Non Resident Indian's) home. He stole a ring and thrown it in the dust bin thinking it was useless. The police found him due to that ring and it was later revealed that the ring was the costliest item in the entire house of the NRI (Non Resident Indian) i.e. some lakhs of rupees. These incidents show that the people with no education are likely to turn into criminals.

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    Thieves does not need education, they need experience and skills. Although some mistake happened even with educated people, they might not be aware about the ATM machine, or pass book print machine, as both looks like same, even educated people does not aware that banks are providing online recharge, lic premium payment, electric bill, water bill etc through ATM machine, with out visiting any office.
    But this is really a funny things and their hard work goes waste.

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