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    If you were an octopus- run a creative thought here.

    I was reading the wishes of some girls who were abused and ill treated in the society in the past but they could not retaliate then. But one girl was straight forward enough to say that If she were born as an octopus with eight hands, surely she would have slapped eight times in one go and the boy would have been flattened to the ground. That statement made to raise this post. If we had eight hands, what additional things we may be doing with six hands extra. Kindly pen down your creative thought and have some fun.
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    Out of the eight available hands, perhaps two hands will be kept reserved for typing ISC contents. I think the author of this thread also will consider the same.

    About the remaining six hands, a very cautious approach will have to be adopted as the mind will remain one only. Though many people are known to resort to multitasking, but for intellectual kind of functions, only hands don't serve the purpose.

    Suppose one has to spin thread using a 'takli' (spindle), then using eight hands, four spindles can be operated simultaneously . However, while spinning stories, despite having four computers/laptops and eight hands, four stories cannot be typed at spindle speed simultaneously uninterrupted.

    At the most, one extra hand can be used for eating munchies while typing.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Practically, if I would have been an octopus, I may not have known what and who humans are. My life may have been passing as any other octopus deep down under water, hunting and searching for food. But as the author has asked us to just imagine that, I would love to give this thought a thought.

    If I will be an octopus, I will get access to those 8 tentacles which I would like to mention hereafter as 'hands'. While most of us would think about its 8 hands, I am quite interested about something else as well. Having 8 hands, I will be having a superbrain in my head section by which I will be able to do things better with my hands. I would love to take part in a press meet and share this idea that I am a human octopus and I can predict future. To ensure my safety, I would spread this rumor that if I am kidnapped and used as a test subject by scientists, I may die and they may loose the only genuine horoscope to the future. Soon, with my awesome brain, I will try to learn all the languages whatsoever and apart from being a national celebrity of India, I will be visiting other countries as well. Sooner or later, I will also dream to become a trending topic in most countries, something like #BarackObama and #RioOlypics are discussed on social media. Despite of having 8 hands, I will be provided the best security wherever I visit, within and outside the country.

    Also, I will make my way into the Guinness and Limca book of records by breaking all the records ever made for fastest typing speed. A record that nobody would be able to break.

    People will often find them fortunate, when I will offer them to be their helping 'hand'. With the same hands, I will be able to give 8 autographs at a time and click same selfie with fans from 8 different angles.

    I would love to be a painter with a paint brush on each of my hands dipped in 8 different colors. My paintings will be colorful, vibrant and full of life. Some will be sold for charity while some would make their way into museums.

    Apart from all these things, I would like to work in ISRO or NASA so that I can learn the best that I can and communicate with aliens as well. If things go right, I may also put this wish in front of everyone that whenever aliens make another visit on the Earth, I will be the representative or speaker on behalf of Earthians. And the reason being my oversmartness.

    In fact, life is too long to plan everything in a moment. So, I cannot put all the plans here. I may do a lot of crazy and meaningful things all over my life that may not fit within one ordinary response. Writing a detailed book of biography would be a better deal.

    Ank Arya

    "Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth"

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    If I were gifted with eight hands like an octopus, the first thing I would do would be to donate at least four of them to my mother !
    These would lend her a helping hand in doing her daily work like housekeeping tasks,driving her wherever she wanted to and so many more handy tasks.
    The remaining I would use to help me in starting my project development business which would require my brain but extra hands of my own..

    "If things go wrong, don’t go with them"

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    Ar I really love your response that you would donate four hands to your mother. I though only mother knows the child well and here the reverse.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    The topic raised is very good indeed and if it were real, it would really be so rewarding. By the way, I was wondering what was the scientific reason behind the eight tentacles of an octopus? Why only eight were given to it..
    "If things go wrong, don’t go with them"

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    Perhaps the mystery of DNA and genes is the only answer we can have so far. As we go deeper into the research, we may realize that how less do we know about the complexity of nature that still manages to look beautiful and vivid in all of its forms.

    Ank Arya

    "Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth"

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    If I were an Octopus, I would use my 8 tentacles (hands) in the following manner:-

    (a) Two hands for writing articles/blogs in ISC and other sites
    (b) Two hands for my own study which I have been postponing;
    (c) Two hands to help my daughter in her study;
    (d) The remaining two hands for normal work.

    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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