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    I will rise one day and none can stop me

    Dear life partner, while you abuse
    All I can see is a bruise
    I came to be your equal
    But your attitude turned evil
    Arrogance and ego were born
    Which you could not prolong
    The good tried to come out
    But with the bad it had a fallout
    The reason was blamed on me
    I accepted it as destiny
    My respect and strength fought back
    To hold on when all is black
    I married you not for money
    But you hit me for every penny
    Life gave many chances to escape
    But I did not budge and gape
    I will rise one day and shine
    Leaving your memories all behind
    My value you will understand then
    While a new chapter will I begin

    This is a small write-up for the life partner who suffers abuse and violence at home in our societies nowadays. There are many dark secrets in every person's life but abuse and violence should never be kept in the dark. Being silent is the main reason why abuse starts reinforcing itself on the victims life.
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    Few women were not treated at par with the men, in the society, in the past, primarily because of their economic dependence on the menfolk. However, the scenario is gradually changing in the society with the spread of education among girls. Having acquired capability to earn and sustain themselves, the incidences of living a miserable life, are gradually receding.

    logically, there should not be any compulsion of bearing the atrocities and ill-treatment on the part of women and accepting the same as their destiny. Nowadays, questions are being raised even about the 'triple talaq' system prevalent among Muslim societies according to their personal law.

    According to the All India Muslim Personal Law Board , the triple talaq form of divorce is 'permissible in Islam as the husband is in a better position to take a decision because they won't take hasty decision and it is used only when there is a valid ground'.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Wow really a very nice lines which most woman are going through. Every women who are into abusive relationship should have the strength to raise their voice against it. Women's weakness will become the strength in men and abuse woman. So if women gets strong, then it can reduce.

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    Very moving and touching lines shared by the author being in the shoes of those silent sufferers who wont say anything even despite they are being tortured by the so called life partner without assigning any reasons. There are some males who wants to vent their ire at every point of time and that abuse cannot be tolerated. While the wife gives the tea, he says why it was not that hot. While she gives the tea with hot, then he would try to pour the same on her as to why she gave so hot so that his tongue should burn. All this type of misgivings reported in some homes where there is no cordial relations between the couples. An ideal wife is one who understands the behavior of the husband and behaves in such manner and on the other hand a best husband is one who helps out the wife in doing small works at the home and thus a cordial and congenial atmosphere is created to speak the heart and settle the misgivings.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    I recently saw a movie whose story revolves around some women who are being abused violently by their husbands. I felt very sad and thought that all those things used to happen in olden days but not in these days. I later learnt that such things are happening even these days in some parts of India. That made me more sad. Women deserve respect equal to men. All men and women are equal. I appreciate Ms. ar for posting such a nice write up about the abuse and violence faced by some women from their husbands.

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    Society need a big changes, some says women does not have equal rightts as men, and some says women are getting over smart ( specially college going girls) due to such freedom, they are involving in sex scandals, drugs, violence cause etc. In this case we think to limit the freedom of women. I believe let it happen in its ways, ad as per the regional tradition, older person has mind set for men independent only and I think that just need to be changed, and rest should be like the older way, then only we can have a good society.
    I agree in most of cases women get beaten and tortured at home , but at same time there are some women who involves torturing their husbands, and in laws.

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