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    If we give up certain attitude, surely we are the person to be envied by others

    There are many things which we must give up to be one step ahead of others. The first being doubting ourselves and our caliber. By negative thinking on every aspect we always have the fear factor which must be removed from the mind. Gossiping about others is the biggest time waste exercise and instead doing some productive work is welcome. We must have control over anger and try to pacify ourselves even during trying times. We must come out of laziness and never try to put your wishes first before hearing from others. And lastly never take anything excessive, it will reflect on your character.
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    Much has been written about the subject matter since ages by many individuals who love to preach more than actually practicing. The problem is that the time is irreversible and we don't get another life to put the lessons learned in the only available life, in practice. Therefore, people try to share their hard earned experiences and wisdom with their children who rarely listen and follow the same religiously. They learn only by committing the mistakes themselves.

    Therefore, it appears that committing mistakes in indispensable and essential also for learning. Being social animals, the individuals have to live among many people, the majority of them are likely to be time wasters. In my opinion, the most important thing to acquire an ability to evaluate a person and shun them in case they appear to be time wasters irrespective of the social relationship.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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