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    Do bulk vehicles is also a cause for traffic congestion?

    In this Modern era there are lot of vehicle manufacturers of the automobile industry to lure the vehicle owners(for free sitting and as well as to give luxurious look as they want to show it as a status symbol) they designed or manufactured bulky vehicles which occupies more space on roads than traditional vehicles. As in city like Hyderabad we see there are narrow roads in which one entire air conditioned bus or Metro deluxe bus or even luxurious cars can occupy entire road. Do you think there are some strict rules imposed in the size of public and private vehicles as this also a cause for traffic congestion.
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    The roads in the old/historical cities were designed to handle walking on foot, palanquin, bullock carts, horse carriages, hand-pulled rickshaws (in Kolkata) etc. and later mechanical means of transport like bicycles, cycle rickshaw etc. got added. During those days, neither the projected growth of population nor any possibility of so many private cars and public buses or commercial vehicles like trucks etc. were envisaged.

    Moreover, the roads, like our arteries, got clogged due to encroachments by street vendors and parking space on either side of the roads. Also, neither widening of roads nor providing open space for parking in the thickly populated congested cities is possible. I am keeping my punch line i.e. growth in the population still in reserve.

    Nowadays, with the growth in the economy, the bicycle riders got upgraded to motorbike rider and all two-wheeler riders upgraded themselves to small cars owners, pushing the small car owners to medium and large segment cars. The average speed of cars inside the main cities has reduced to 20 to 25 kilometers per hours resulting in less fatal road accidents in the congested areas.

    Thus the rat race is going on.

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    Some time back I have also raised a similar thread where in I have mentioned that for a single person he brings such a big vehicle on the road which occupies at least 12 persons space or four two wheeler. Moreover the senseless drivers bring such vehicles to the places like Begum Bazar for making purchases and then get entangled in the heavy traffic jam. And most of the big vehicle owners does not know how to drive in narrow lane and wants to ensure that not a single scratch occur to their vehicle. Many a time I chided the vehicle owners to apply sense and not to enter the narrow lanes but they wont budge.
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    I do not agree with most of the theories given here –

    The Motor Vehicle Act clearly defines the overall dimensions of motor vehicles that can be used on Indian roads. Licenses and clearances are made according to existing policies.

    The reason for congestion and traffic jams are the people riding/driving vehicles. No one maintains lane discipline; all motorists/riders on the road try to squeeze their vehicles between the tiniest gaps they can see – two-wheelers are the biggest offenders. This creates chaos as vehicles are not aligned for easy flow. If lane discipline is maintained, traffic will flow smoothly.

    Traffic signals points are a mess. People don't stop their vehicles at designated spots – before the zebra crossing. I find vehicles that want to make a turn block the road for those who want to go straight. They make a partial turn and park their vehicles right in front of oncoming traffic, forcing traffic to slow down and turn the wheel a bit, to avoid hitting the vehicular obstruction. There is a bottleneck created at every signal.

    Add to that people driving on the wrong side of the road, hawkers and jay walkers and you have a recipe for chaos.

    Pedestrians here are an uneducated lot. They do not know how to interpret signals and cross roads when they are not supposed to. They too are responsible for vehicular congestion on roads.

    @Kailash - Roads in old/historical cities are in fact very well designed. They are broad and equipped to handle heavy vehicular movement. Hazrat Ganj is an excellent example, it is one of the broader roads in Lucknow and it dates back to over a hundred years.

    The old roads in Delhi are broad too. Kolkatta, Bengaluru and Chennai all have really broad roads that date back to pre-independence. The arterial roads like you mentioned are narrow; people perhaps didn't envisage such an explosion of motorized vehicles.

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    I guess, the author intends to put big trucks and buses in bulk vehicles.

    They are surely a big headache when we are also on our cars and fail to find a way to overtake. Usually, such vehicles have their reasons to be driven at slightly slower speed, but many drivers do not even let the other smaller vehicles to cross their trucks. Sometimes, their careless attitude and overspeeding takes the life of others as well as their own.

    On the other hand, I guess, they also innocently save many accidents even before happening. When the careless bikes and car drivers find a tortoise crawling in front of them, which is not giving enough space to them to overtake the tortoise, it surely get the careless drivers afraid of overspeeding. When one or more bulk vehicles are already running on the same road, other careless drivers get afraid to behave like machomen. Those who still do not care, put their lives on stake. I wonder, what to do with such people and their carelessness.

    Ank Arya

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