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    Writing and publishing an ebook for ISC

    Ebooks are the most popular way to become a recognised author nowadays.With Amazon Kindle,iPad and Android platforms ruling the market in the e publishing sector, an author can get recognised worldwide easily.
    Coming to my point, why not publish our ebook using the contents in ISC.We have so many talented writers and forums to evaluate and format the contents of our ebook.We can publish in specific genres or even as a collection of short stories by our members.Amazon provides Kindle direct publishing facility to enable easy editing and uploading the final ebook on Kindle stores across the world. This will also enable the writers to gain more recognition online in the reader community while also paving the way for future publishing of their books individually. Members, please share your valuable opinions on my suggestion.
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    An excellent suggestion! I fully support the author. But the ISC administration will have to take many hard decisions to enable the proposed e-book to see the light of the day. Selection of editorial team, selection of articles, forum threads, question & answers, 'My India' section, etc. But if it materialises, ISC would be instantly much more popular.
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    Searching for reliability of online publishing tools, I came across this site which lists the details of problems and solutions for successful publishing.
    The latest eBooks that are selling like hotcakes are interactive eBooks,Quiz books, children's books, puzzle books. Proper editing of our content and superb publishing with a high quality front cover can boost our sales to the maximum level.

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    A very good suggestion made by the author and the Webmaster Tony can consider this suggestion and publish our approved articles from the ISC side so that it wont be considered as duplicate.
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    The idea is very good. there are two methods of publishing the ebook. One as suggested by the above authors taking the articles from isc .Second individual author should be encourage to submit their own ebook or hard copy for publishing
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    I welcome the idea. However, e-books and e-publishing or in whatever manner we describe it, is ultimately e-commerce i.e. the publishers, webmasters and the selling portals have to evaluate it from the commercial angle. It may sound rude but the perhaps the reality is that all e-concepts or e-ideas are meant for e-rning (earning) money only.
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    I too appreciate the idea. If implemented, it would make ISC and its members popular. But, I think there are less number of authors whose contents can be enough to form a book. So, the implementation may be a bit hard.

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    Be it a medium for publishing out of interest or for earning money, the writer will get recognition for his or her work on a very broad spectrum of online readers. If help can be received from experienced members in ISC, then this wll be an added bonus. A collection of interesting short stories would be a great idea according to me to keep the originality and style of contributing authors intact.
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    While the idea is really cool, I wonder why should I pay to buy ebooks of content that is already freely accessible. Making a simple visit on ISC will give me access to choose articles of choice from the vast library of ISC.
    Ank Arya

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    We can develop new content as we have a pool of very talented writers whose work can be copyrighted by publishing in an ebook.
    The content can be improved in terms of quality in ISC itself.

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