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    Simple Ganesh chaturthi at out home with love

    As Ganesh chaturthi comes near, people fall in love with this fevistal and they celebrate this festival with lots of joy and happiness, there are many curiosity among the children to know what will be offered to lord Ganesh and what they will be served to eat on that precious and holy day, in India mostly every religion whether it is Christian or Muslim it doesn't matter to them they celebrate it with utmost respect to lord Ganesh. Almost Ganesh puja is celebrated all over India but Mumbai is regarded as the main state of Ganesh puja and they make gold modaks of high height and heavy weight and they also make idol of god Ganesh big almost like 60 foot and above. As we Hindu knows that lord Ganesh are blessed by other gods that no puja will be consider as successful unless and until if one doesn't does his puja, His puja is considered as the first Puja.
    The day for which almost every people of India are waiting to celebrate has come, I and my family are very excited about this puja and we fast on this full day to give homage to lord Ganesh. I and my family believe that if we fast then lord Ganesh will surely give us for what we have fast for it, not only we but almost every individual does it, it is our rituals and customs which are followed by our forefather from the centuries, and thus we also follow it. My mother send me to the nearest flower market to order for some fresh flowers for God Ganesh, so that we can put lord Ganesh idol on flower to make him happy and comfortable in our house. It is just an idol but we all Indians feel that he is in our home only and he is not far from us. It is devoutness and belief and faith in people which makes this occasion so special for every human begin who does this puja. I and my father both went to the nearest market to buy all the stuffs and idol of lord Ganesh as prescribed by our local pandit, as our puja is done by the pandit. Everything is bought and pandit came and does the puja, my mother also prepared the tastiest modak and offered to the lord Ganesh, some amount of banana, coconut, batasha and cucumber are mixed and offered to lord Ganesh, then after our puja is completed we offered some Prasad to the local children. And after that we have some music and dance and after completing I went to my room, my mother went to see the lord idol. And on the last day we made khichdi, and called some of our neighbour to eat that, as it is also meant as Prasad of lord Ganesh. Puja completed and we are waiting for the next year when lord Ganesh will come again in our house. "Ganpati bappa morya agle Baras tu jaldi AA".
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    As per the description in the Rigveda, ' na kritey twayam kriyate kim chanare' i.e no work begins without the blessing of lord Ganesha.

    It is believed that following 6 things are most liked by the God Ganesha -
    1. Modak
    2. Dhurva grass
    3. Erukku (madar) flowers
    4. Banana
    5. Ladoos
    6. Shankh or conch

    However, perhaps true devotion, total faith and unconditional belief are the only requirement for a devotee to have for offering prayer to the God Ganesha.

    We should try our best to use only bio-degradable materials in the Ganesha Chaturthi celebrations.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    By the way no God has demanded the extravagant expenses to show off to other people about the celebrations we undertake at the home. Any festival can be as simple as possible provided the God is attended with full devotion and say good prayers and seek pardon for the mistakes or the omissions made in the life. When Bhaktha Kannappa who was a Adivaasi and does not know how to regard a God or offer prayers, he spots a Shivling, brings water loaded in his mouth and and holds pieces of mutton on one hand and forest flowers on the other hand and to clean the Linga which gathered dust, he uses his legs. But Lord Shiva accepts his devotion with grace and even gives him the darshan. So what I mean to say that many people create a show inside their home with big sound of chanting mantra and engulfing the entire house with Dhoop stick flavor and thus show off does not required at all.
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    #577773 yes sir there are many incident which says that gods like the simplicity the most. And they only listen to that people or person who is simple and has good holy heart which has compassion for all the creatures of the world.
    live happily in every situation of life

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