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    From ground to poor through God-A Journey on Ganesh Chaturthi

    [This entry wins the joint 1st prize for the creative story writing contest]

    Aauchhh! I just fall down on the ground and got hit by a foot of small kid who was on a walk with his Grandfather. I rolled for a while and stopped by small pebble. The grandfather was scolding his grandson saying- "Rajat, this is not a good habit to kick whatever you find on the way and a coconut is an edible. How could you do that?" Rajat said sorry for his misbehave and picked me up. He cleaned me by removing all the dust particles and handed me over to his grandfather saying- "I have hurt it so now I will take care of it".
    His grandfather sensed my age and conveyed Rajat that this coconut is old enough to have its water.
    They went back to home and handed over me to Rajat's Mother- Sushma. She asked them in mixed expression of surprise and anger- "Why did you buy this dried coconut?" Grandfather conveyed the whole story to her and the wish of her son. Her mother smiled and tapped Rajat's head in an appreciating manner. She was happy that her son is learning good lessons for his life.
    Sushma asked Rajat as what are his plans to do with me and Rajat was clueless for that.
    He thought a lot for that and finally asked her mother to use me for Ganapati Puja tomorrow. He said, it would be a great for this coconut if it would be used to lord Ganapati, isn't it Mummy! And Sushma was speechless after hearing this from his young kid. I was also happy to have such a great fortune.
    She started peeling off my dried hard cover but it was difficult for her. Rajat was observing everything getting done with me carefully so he tried to support Sushma. They finally removed the fibrous cover and then a stone hard layer of mine was out. Suddenly Rajat's mother shakes me in a hope to have some water inside but there was none. Now it was the moment when I was going to break down in pieces but I was happy inside.
    She finally cracked me on the floor and took my small pieces out carefully.
    The next task was to prepare something offerable to Ganesha as per Rajat's wish. She checked me for quality and I was fresh and sweet in taste. So she decided to prepare Modak using my pieces. I and Rajat were equally happy with this and Rajat helped Sushma in all grating task. By the time, Sushma has prepared all other things like dough of rava, dry fruits, ghee and the mould for Modak. Then she prepared the mix of grated coconut, dry fruits, sugar and ghee and started preparing modaks in mould. Finally all the modaks were prepared to steam bake in cooker. All my parts were happy with whatever was happening as there is nothing great than to be offered to a God.
    After 15 minutes of steam baking, we were all turned into a tasty Modaks. Rajat tried to pick one up for eating but her mother stopped him saying-"These we prepared for God so let him taste first." Next day morning, Rajat was dressed up for Pooja.
    Whole family gathered and Rajat placed that plate loaded with Modaks in front of the Ganapati idol. After completing the Pooja, Sushma went to the nearby Ganapati temple with Rajat and asked Rajat to distribute the remaining Modaks to the poor children sitting there. Rajat was observing the happiness of faces of those poor kids and decided to serve poor in the best possible way he can. This was his memorable Ganapati puja.

    This is my entry for Ganesh Chaturthi offerings - creative writing contest
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    The story appears to be about the journey of a coconut which was lying on the ground abandoned , was kicked by a boy using his foot and later offered to the God Ganesha during puja as 'bhog'after being transformed into modaks by the mother of the boy.

    It may evoke mixed kind of responses from different individuals. Many hardcore religious mind people may tend to believe that such 'bhog' should not have been offered to the God Ganesha during puja, though many others may observe that any edible item has to be accorded due reverence and respect.

    Being coconut which contains the edible in a hard shell, hygiene issues may not be applicable in case the outer coverings were properly cleaned after picking up the same from the road. However, still I am not able to digest such a far-fetched idea of the author.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The author has attempted out of box creative story for the contest topic but in reality it wont happen and may not be accepted. But for the sake of topic it is different from off the mill stories.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Thank you Mr Kailash and Mohan Sir for posting your responses.
    When it comes to a creative writing, one can think anything which is not normally happening (I guess, that is something creative).
    Yes, many of us may object for offering a coconut which was kicked by a kid but then he understood his mistake and tried to rectify it in the best possible manner. Many people love offer flower strings (Mala) to God, do you think that how many times those flowers would have been touched by the seller's feet while preparing strings? But then we offer them to God happily.

    Lastly, I apologize if my post or story has hurt anyone's religious views.


    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

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