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    Ganesh Chaturti celebrations with a message

    Vakratunda mahakaaya suryakoti samaprabha
    Nirvighnam kuru me deva sarvakaaryesu sarvadaa
    Chanting the above Shloka, Jyothi was decorating Lord Ganesh Idol with full grace and faith. She has been waiting for this festival as she was a strong believer of Lord Ganesh. She had brought different types of flowers and had kept variety of fruits to perform the puja. She had strictly advised her family to get clay Ganesh only as she was very eco-friendly. Her 4 year old daughter wanted to bring a colorful Ganesh idol and she started crying that nobody listened to her words. Jyothi convinced her daughter with love saying that Lord Ganesh idol will be immersed in water and that would pollute water which would be harmful to people and also to other water bodies. Her daughter understood the reason behind bringing the clay Ganesh and was very happy with it. While Jyothi was decorating the idol, her daughter helped her with tiny hands in arranging the puja items, the fruits, flowers and the DHRUVA grass which is Ganesh favorite.
    Since Jyothi belong to a typical Brahmin family she was in pristine state (madi) where she would not touch anyone and had to cook all the items in that state only. She had to cook before the puja is completed and the naivedhya has to be done. She had completed almost 80% of her cooking alone as she had no one to help her and in between the decoration she remembered that the Modak's which Lord Ganesh favorite sweet were yet to be prepared. She ran to the kitchen to resume cooking the sweet and other festive food as she knew the decoration was almost done, modak's were ready in half an hour, Meanwhile pandit came to perform the puja. The entire family gathered to attend the puja which was done in detail. The Naivedhya was performed to lord Ganesh. After the Naivedhya, jyothi served the food to pandit and the other elders of her family member on a banana leaf. Everyone cherished the delicious food.
    While having the food, the pandit started telling the 4 year kid not to look at the moon that night. The girl asked the reason for the same and pandit started telling the below story "Once Ganesh was travelling on his vehicle that is the Mouse. Ganesh ate his favorite Modak and other food because of which his tummy was heavier and the mouse was struggling to move. The mouse hit a stone because of which Ganesh fell down and his tummy blasted. Seeing this, Moon started making fun of Ganesh and laughed at him. There was a snake crawling nearby and Lord Ganesh took the snake and tied his around his tummy. He became very furious and told to the moon 'anyone who sees you on this day will be called as a thief'. So from that day people do not see the moon on Ganesh Chauthi.
    After having the food, the pandit blessed everyone in the family and left. They were very happy as the festival celebrations went very good and were also very happy that lord Ganesh would stay with them for 5 more days.

    My entry for the contest Ganesh Chaturthi offerings - creative writing contest
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    Attracted by the title of the thread - 'Ganesh Chaturti celebrations with a message', I entered the thread and read the story, looking for the message. Perhaps the intended message is to use eco-friendly Ganesha.

    Regarding the word 'madi' used in the story, let me explain it for the benefit of the readers as it is a lesser used or uncommon word. The people who believe, practice 'madi' during food preparation and/or at the time of any rituals. Many believers practice it on a daily basis. The person takes a bath and put on the clothes that were recently washed and dried. Such clothes should also remain untouched by any person who was not in a 'madi' state. Fresh water is collected from well or water tap in the 'madi' state only for use in cooking. The food grains, salt, sugar and other groceries etc. are also kept in 'madi' state and are touched only while is a 'madi' state. However, the cow milk is an exception. Sprinkling a drop of cow milk on dry 'non-madi' items turn them into 'madi' .

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    For the contest topic every member is trying to impress with creative contribution and this one the author tried with different wave length. Lets see who wins this great contest.
    K Mohan
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