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    Will the public sector enterprises like banks and IRCTC etc. start using Jio 4G services soon?

    As we all know, almost all banks, both in the PSU sector and private sector have switched over to the core banking which is a highly internet dependent operation. Also, public sector enterprises like TRCTC are providing e-ticketing services which is also totally dependent on the internet.

    Under Digital India program, high-speed internet is envisaged as a core utility for delivery of services to citizens in real time from online and mobile platforms. During the last year, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi had given the 'mantra' that building i-ways is as important as building highways.

    Will the public sector enterprises like banks and IRCTC etc. start using Jio 4G services soon?
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    Only today I came to know from my relative that in Infosys Hyderabad there are around 43000 employees and in one day more than 23,000 of the has already opted for Jio scheme and it seems the free call offer from the Reliance is playing main role here and one does not know what is the hidden agenda of the company in future. So from your submission it seems almost all the government departments and banks are going for faster 4 G services which was promised by Reliance and let us see how best they beat the lead players like Airtel and Idea who already penetrated in 4 G segment long back.
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    Yeah, jio is trending now everywhere and people are dying to get it. Today I saw the advertisement of our prime minister Modi who was speaking about the services of Jio in all over India as his digital India plan, and after this announcement I think there will be definitely a buzz around everywhere, and a people attraction towards Jio will increase, and if this kind of low cost service if provided then why won't the local and the private banks not take it, as it will benefits them also as it is doing for the common people.
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    I think there is a slight confusion here. For business and other needs, it is not mobile internet that is used. 4G is useful for those who use internet in smartphones or via sim based dongles.. Till now such users were getting speeds of 2G and 3G. While such speeds were sufficient for normal needs of downloading test messages and text posts, music and small picture or photo clips, for downloads and uploads of better definition videos,TV watching and movies higher speed is necessary. 4G provides that.( The maximum theoretical download speed of 3G-HSPA is 42 Mbps whereas for 4G -LTE it is 100Mbps.

    However those using broadband with higher speeds may not feel need of 4G. But as the trend is for more and more portable and handheld devices, 4G will find more takers now. Who knows when 5G is getting implemented. At that time similar discussion may also happen .

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    Venkiteswaran Ji - Your observations are correct. The banks and IRCTC etc. use broadband services. Now the BSNL has announced an offer of less than Re 1 per GB.
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    I don't feel that banks and Govt. organisations like IRCTC would shift to Reliance GIO so quickly. The managements of these banks and other companies will adopt a 'wait& watch' policy, consider all 'pros & cons' after a period of six months or so, an then take decision regarding shifting their internet-based operations from the existing service-provider to other companies.
    At least we can say that a very big non-violent business war is going to start in the telecom world in India, where the consumers will only get benefits!

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    Apropos, comment of Venkiteswaran Ji (#577757), I have yet to understand as to why 4G services cannot be used by banks and other data-hungry Government organizations. It is true that presently they are using broadband systems, but perhaps data cards can be used for accessing 4G services in such organizations in case better results can be availed and if the same is cost effective also.
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    I do not think if majority will replace their existing connections with JIO 4G. One main reason for it can be that none of the plans so far have been unlimited plans. For sure, there are XXL, XXXL plans with loads of limited data, but for an increased cost, and still limited. I guess, most enterprises will find an unlimited plan better than a limited one. Many offices are such where data consumption by employees is never monitored and such enterprises may not wish to rely on a limited plan if they have many clever data leeching employees.

    With respect to response #577789 from Kailash sir, I would want banks to go wireless as soon as possible. The reason being that it has happened more than once in our town that major banks had given us excuses like 'Connectivity nahin hai' (There is no connectivity today). So, I guess going wireless 3G or 4G should be welcomed by one and all banks.

    Also, we never know when will Reliance Jio itself invite such places to use their services for discounted costs. I have not updated myself accurately with this news, but I had heard that they already have plans to spread their 4G networks in schools. If the information is correct, they may soon extend their offers for such enterprises as well. They are already playing strategically and unpredictably so far.

    Ank Arya

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