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    The glass always remains full. It never remains empty.

    The idiom - 'Is the glass half empty or half full?' is frequently used to express as to how people perceive a given situation. The optimists see the glass half full and the pessimists see the glass half empty.

    Later, few public speakers and management 'gurus' started explaining that even the half filled glass is not empty as it is half filled with water and half filled with air.

    Extending the concept further, we may perceive even a so-called fully empty glass as a glass fully filled with air.

    The glass always remains full. It never remains empty.

    What are your observations regarding the subject matter?
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    It all depends on how we take the situation into our stride. Suppose a performing person fails in the main event, surely for him this saying would be different. And for a person who never expected a win in any event, but wins the same with unexpected result, then they would take this idiom otherwise. So person to person and their state of mind defines anything and that cannot be changed.
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    Its actually on the perception of human being nature, every individual has a different mind and they observe the things differently, so if someone ask me about this I will definitely say that the glass is half filled with water, because I think people should be positive in every thing which they feel, see or do. If people become negative then their saying and seeing the nature or the environment becomes different and they start seeing and saying everything negatively. So I think the people of positive nature are always optimists.
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    Nothing is empty in this universe. Even the space where there is no air, there are various waves moving in that space.
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