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    Secret of PM Modi's success- Concentrate on present moment.

    I was watching the special interview of the PM Modi gave to the Network 18 channel and that was well conceived and best spoken by the PM. Normally interviews are not answered straight forward by the person as he would beat around the bush. But I was spell bound the way Modi took every question with great stride and responded with grace. To a question as to what is his life's success mantra so far, the PM replied that he believes in the Present and never worried about the past or the future. The concentration on present issues made him the great. And his oratory skill developed from the school days itself.
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    Some of the observations of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his interview to the private news channel CNN-News 18 were as follows -
    1. The poison of casteism and communalism have caused enough damage to our country.
    2. Development is our only agenda and it will remain so.
    3. I'm devoted to the development of all Dalits.
    4. India has 80 crore youth below the age of 30. They can change the fortunes of the country.
    5. There was a time when we were being seen as a sinking ship. But today we are seen as a bright spot in the economy.
    6. Why should one who lives in the present worry about history?
    7. My work is my relaxation. I never get tired of working. The opposite tires me.
    8. I'm a workaholic and live in the present.
    9. I always maintain that people of Kashmir need both development and trust.
    10. My path is a little different. We have to empower the poor to end poverty.

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