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    Let us live like plants and not like flowers

    We are all attracted to flowers and especially the ladies gets attracted and even tempted to pluck the flower once they spot it. Flowers are always charming when it blooms on a plant. And once we pluck it, it may have the limited life and even get spoiled. But those flower bearing plants are always adorned and nurtured. That is the reason being so TTD Devasthanams maintain a forest itself which has the rarest and rare flower bearing plants and they are being used to the Lord Venkateshwara every day for Pooja. But instead of plucking it we should leave the flowers be with the plants to give more charming look to the plants. And our life should be like plants and not flowers.
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    Our life is dependent on plants only. They give us food items and convert the carbon dioxide exhaled by us into oxygen by photosynthesis process. Plants are also living things like the animals and a delicate balance exists between the plants and the animals.

    Our ancestors had long back recognised the importance of the plants and the plants which were particularly useful to the mankind were treated as divine and even worshipped. Examples of some of such plants are Chandan, Tulsi, Haldi, Ashok, Amla, Kamal, Mogra, Maulsari, Deodar, Peepal, Neem, Bargad (Banyan) trees etc. I am not including here the most obvious fruit bearing trees etc.

    As far as the flowers are concerned, they have beauty as well as fragrance. Also, their life is short lived. Therefore, they are plucked and offered to the Gods/Goddesses during puja etc.

    The flowers find other uses also. There are few exotic flowers which are rarely found. Some of such exotic flowers are used for making garlands etc. to be offered to the deities in the famous temples and many others have therapeutic uses.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Somewhere or the other we are killing the flowers as when it come out from its initial place, they die and looses everything, its charming and all that beautiful words are seems to be rotten in that smell which occur after 2 to 3 day after plucking the flowers from its plant. Yes, I too think that we should be strong like plant who never looses her hope and die but stand still in every situation and get her ready for giving one more flower which has the same fragrance every time. Nature teaches us many things and we should always be ready to learn something from nature.
    live happily in every situation of life

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    Yes plants look beautiful with the flowers and we humans are selfish that we pluck the flowers even before it completely blossoms. Some people pluck the flower just because others should not come and pluck. We should let the flower be in the plant and admire the beauty. And I agree, we should be strong like a plant. We should be ready to face any situation and even what ever happens we should move forward and we should yield are results.

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