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    If others use my WiFi connection clandestinely, will I get more bill ?

    Normally those who have smart phones are habituated to have the data packs on their tariff plans and try to be online with their near and dear ones. But there are some people who are solely depending on internet connection through the WiFi from the friends and neighbors. For example I am having the desk top connected with router and all the four of my family are using my WiFi connection to the maximum. But apart from us, I also doubt my neighbors are also using my connection clandestinely. Will I get more bill on data usage if others also use my connection without my knowledge ?
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    In secured WiFi networks, a password is required for the users to avail the facility. We always see WiFi network of our neighbors on our systems, but cannot use it because in case they are secured and we don't know their set password, then it cannot be accessed.

    We also have WiFi modem/router installed at our home and have shared the password with very close family members like nephews and nieces etc. also. As soon as they enter my house, their smartphones automatically come on my network and they use and enjoy my hospitality during their stay in my house.

    Regarding billing, it will be as per the data plan. The speed will be maintained till the set limit of the data plan and after exhausting the limit, speed will get reduced to 512 Kbps. In case there are more users, then the data limit will be exhausted early and smart bytes will have to be bought or the plan will have to be upgraded.

    I have provided WiFi facility to my maid also who sometimes video chats with her husband working in Dubai.

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    If your connection is not password-protected, and if any other person downloads something, you will receive an inflated bill for such clandestine downloading.
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    It mostly depends on what kind of data plan you are on; a Limited data plan or an Unlimited data plan. You must check with your service provider if it is a Limited plan or an Unlimited plan. If you are on a Limited data plan, then clandestine usage can make your bill heavy and indigestible for sure. And if you are on an Unlimited plan, you may not be charged more than your regular recharge amount. But even then, after a certain limit of data has been used, your speed maybe reduced to 1Mbps or even lower, again depending on the plan provided by your service provider.

    Either ways, it is not good for us to let strangers use the connection that we are paying for. As other responses suggest, you can enable password protection on your modem or router so that only those with whom you have shared the passkey can make use of your connection. If there will be no extra users for your connection, you will notice a little boost in the overall performance of your connection., which is a good thing to happen. Also, if you already have a password protection enabled, I guess just changing the password to a stronger one can end all your doubts.

    I myself use more than one hotspot at times and may sometimes have a password as simple as 12345678. I remain damn sure that nobody is using my connection and it is not even being hacked by a neighbor. I am aware that they don't have that expertise of any sense. You can also ensure the same. You can have a look at how good your neighbors are, technically and otherwise.

    EDIT: I am really thankful of Mohan sir, as he taught me a new word 'clandestine' today. Last time I had read it in a senior's dictionary, and totally forgot. I just did a Google search and found the following descriptive meaning for 'clandestine'- kept secret or done secretively, especially because illicit.

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    For limited plans, the data charges or usable data quantum will be affected by more usage-whether legitimately or stolen use. In unlimited plans it may not affect if the usage is normal or within fair usage limits. However when there is sudden spike in usage, the service provider may try to impose bandwidth restrictions by monitoring or by automatic inbuilt protection systems. This can result in lack of connectivity and problem in downloading and uploading.

    The solution to avoid prying on our personal WiFi is to have strong password protection, use of god Internet security software having facilities to monitor WiFi intrusion etc. There are other methods of protection or alert when someone is intruding. One such is to limit the no of connections, and the other is to limit and restrict connectivity by MAC addresses protection in the WiFi system..

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    I have found this idea from Mr. Venki really great. The clever idea of firstly letting them connect and right when you have their MAC addresses, block them all. This idea is future-proof unless our neighbors get a new phone or laptop.
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    Your words 'I doubt my neighbours using my wi-fi clandenstinely ' is a ridiculous one as no neighbour can enjoy your wi-fi unless you leak out your password to them. I am sure you will not be burdened with extra bill amount
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    If your data is limited then obviously you will get higher bill, but if the data is unlimited plan, then no worry for the bill increased, but it is not good to share the wifi pass word with every one, because if they do some illegal activities, then first your IP address will stress, and you will be questioned, then after the real user will get caught, so it is better always use password for your wifi sharing.

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    I would like to know from knowledgeable Members: How can I check if other people are clandestinely using my internet connection , or not?
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    Swagatika - No plan is unlimited. In most of the unlimited plans, the allocated GB data is fixed e.g. 12 GB or 15 GB at the promised speed of say 2Mbps and after the GB quota is consumed, the speed goes down to 512 Kbps which is a miserable speed. Therefore, one has to watch about the data consumption in any case, whether limited plan or unlimited plan.
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