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    What are the different beliefs about the consorts of God Ganesha

    The marital status of Ganesha varies widely in mythological stories and beliefs. In many scriptures, Ganesha is considered to be a 'brahmachari' (lifelong bachelor), one of the reasons being, that the celibacy is linked to the development of the spiritual power.

    However, in the Ganesha Purana, the God Ganesha is shown to be flanked by Siddhi and Buddhi. Another school of thoughts associates God Ganesha with the concept of 'Buddhi' (intellect), 'Siddhi' (spiritual power) and 'Riddhi' (prosperity).

    Yet another pattern associates God Ganesha with the Goddess of education and culture 'Sarasvati' and in north India on the day of the Diwali, God Ganesha is worshipped together with the Goddess of wealth and prosperity - 'Lakshmi'.

    What the beliefs in the different parts of India in this regard?
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    He is indeed a bachelor. In Hinduism a consort isn't a mere medium of reproduction but an equal half of the husband. Especially in case of gods, these consorts aren't material at all. They just accompany lords in their routine. Ganesh,being the bestow-er of knowledge and remover of obstacles is thus wisely connected with Siddi and Buddi. Well Siddi means " spiritual wisdom" and Buddi means " material wisdom".
    So, the offspring of Ganesh are called Shubh and Laabh- " Happiness" and "Profit".

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    Well for every Hindu story , there are other related stories which are not given credence and largely the much supported aspect is respected and followed. Normally if you take Ramayana, the actual story ends by the Pattabhishekam of Rama as King of Ayodhya and there ends everything. But Uttara khanda has been added in that Sita has been made to suffer the separation from Ram , just because a Dhobhi casts a spell about her character and this Ram orders Lakshman to leave Sita in forest. There she gives birth to Lav and Khush and the children after becoming big narrate the story of Ramayana to Ram himself. So Lord Ganesha stories are also more which has no authenticity by many followers but one thing is sure, that every puja and muhurat has to start with offerings to Lord Ganesha and that is the reason being so every one prays this God for the removal of obstacles.
    K Mohan
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