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    Has the two parts of the brain anything to do with being double minded?

    With the blessings of the God, we are born as humans. The magnanimous God has blessed us with a pair of all important organs like eyes, ears, arms and legs etc. so that in case any particular organ is damaged due to the accident etc. , the other can take care of the functionalities.

    Our heart though looks a single piece only has two arteries and two veins to allow angioplasty etc. The lungs are also two. The liver though a single piece grows back automatically when cut (subject to correction, as I have limited knowledge). For breathing also, an alternate provision has been made through nostrils.

    It is said the brain is also divided into two halves. I don't know fully the functions of each of the two parts of the brain though I am eager to know more about the subject matter through discussion.

    Has the two parts of the brain anything to do with being double minded?
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    Well these two parts aren't physically divided actually. Their abilities are. Left brain is responsible for actions of right organs of the body and right brain for the left parts. Left brain does the logical thinking and right one is concerned with art. So we could say that everyone is a bit double-minded.

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    Well as a lay man what I understand that the God has given us two equal halves of our brain for some reasons. That one shall work and other shall sleep and vice versa. Like a scooter tyre stephney the God must have created a space for the brain to act when we are giving rest to the actual brain. Probably that is the reason being so we get good dreams in the night and we try to recollect the same in the morning. Moreover if a person is going to live for so many years, alternative use of two halves of brain probably helping us to retain the memory power and pull on the live with all old memories.
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    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Mr. Kailash Kumar,

    Adiya has already given a response which states the point about each side of the brain being responsible for the other side. Please do not pull up your own thread from the back pages to the front page for no reason.

    Managing Editor,

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