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    Do not bargain with people selling fruits and flowers on road during the festive season

    Today I went to buy some fruits for puja and the rates were a little high due to festival tomorrow. I did not go to big mart and rather went to a person selling them on road as they are the one who need some money. But there I noticed a person bargaining with him and asking him to give fruits for lesser rate. During festive season, poor can make some money as fruits and flowers will be in high demand and if we keep bargaining with them, it will be difficult for them to celebrate their festival. They will also have families and have commitments. Even they have to make sweets and the their expenses during festival will be high. We spend so much for unwanted things, so lets not bargain with such people this time.
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    Well I do agree with the author that petty road side vendors who sells fruits and flowers should not be bargained but the fact is that they are exploiting the situation to their favor every time during peak season or festivities. I know some fruit vendors and flower sellers and regular to them. But on festivities the same vendors sell the flowers and fruits at high rate and says no bargaining. For example yesterday I have seen the fruit vendors selling apples at 10 per piece and today the same size apples are sold at 100 for five piece and when questioned, they say no compromise on rate. One particular push cart vendor said that during festivities the police and municipal staff seeks donations from them as the entire area would be guarded and cleaned after festivities and hence they hike the rate to double. So it is better to purchase the fruits and flowers in advance , keep them in the fridge and use it next day.
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    During the festival season, the demand increases and therefore the costs escalate. It happens during all festivals, be it Holi, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi or Raksha Bandhan. The vendors make hay while the sun shines.

    I do agree with the author's point of view but all street vendors are not alike. Many of them play mischief also. The most common malpractice adopted by them is to under weigh. In cases where the items are sold in numbers e.g. in dozens, under weighing may not be possible but they tend to resort to playing some tricks in one way or the other.

    It is always advisable to buy the essential items well in advance. However, certain items are to be procured fresh only e.g. flowers. Perhaps flowers can also be bought the previous day and kept in the refrigerator as suggested by Mohan Ji also in his response.

    Many shopkeepers prepare sweets using adulterated 'mava' (thickened/solidified milk) and on the day of festivals the demand remains so high that it is not possible to ensure quality.

    I had raised a thread a few months back on the people's habit of bargaining with the street vendors on petty amounts though not batting an eye while spending thousands of rupees in the shopping malls.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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