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    Ganapati that grows into a tree

    Dattadri Kothur, an artist from Lower Parel in Mumbai has developed a process to make Ganesha idol which grows into plants after the festival is over.

    He uses red soil, organic fertilisers and 'shadu' clay filled seeds of plants for making idols. 'Shadu' is a kind of clay only found on the river banks, mostly in Rajasthan, Gujarat and Konkan region and is traditionally used for making Ganesha idol.

    After the festival is over, such idols can be watered instead of immersing the same in water bodies. The clay gradually melts and the seeds inside the idol start sprouting and finally grow into a plant.

    A unique eco-friendly way to celebrate the Ganesha Chaturthi festival responsibly!
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    In Telegu we call it as Banka Matti, and that black clay when mixed with little water can molded to our wishes and thus it is easy to make Ganesh idols. Even in schools the children get practice of making Ganesh Idols through this Banka Matti. Anyway my appreciation to Dattadri Kothur for thinking differently by using the shadu clay to prepare Ganesh Idol and then convert it as manure for growing plants and later tree. Such type of Eco-friendly acts are always welcome and applauded. In fact government must honor such Individuals to spread the message more relevant in the public.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    I'm impressed with his idea. This activity will not only conserve our plants but also our respect on Lord Ganesha. Because I see no good in dumping our beloved deity in a lake and letting him deteriorate there forever.
    May this activity be spread all over the nation and let's make our country Green 'n' Clean.

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    Sometimes we can see the Ganesh Idol form in the trees, vegetable etc., Like that in a tree near Bharani Studios of Saligramam, chennai , Ganesh murty is found and is converted into a temple. Picture is added. refer for the news

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