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    Can we really compare who is greater among a Saint and a Mother?

    Mother Teresa has been ordained as Blessed Teresa of Calcutta (Kolkatta)! For millions across the world she is Mother. Irrespective of the arguments against the functions of Missionaries of Charity, Teresa was indeed a mother to many. Hope that her prayers remain with us all along!

    From a pretty long time, we had been hearing about all the efforts that were being made to get our beloved Mother Teresa the title of Saint. The same has now came to a conclusion, and we are glad for it. Now, we can officially call her as Saint Teresa, other than Mother Teresa.

    Mother Teresa has been like a mother figure as well as a saint for the most of us since the beginning. Now that many of us are calling her as Saint Teresa, which is a good thing, I am literally not feeling well while hearing it. Please don't get me wrong. The reason why I am not feeling good with that name is because it is missing the word 'Mother' in her name.

    While it may not be right to compare two totally different roles, I still managed to get this thought if she should be called as Mother Teresa or St. Teresa or both.

    Kindly forgive me for raising this question, but can we really compare a mother and a saint to weigh their greatness? I guess, we cannot. Individually, I would like to still address her as Mother Teresa because the word 'Mother' makes me feel closer to her good soul than any other word whatsoever. Apart from everything else, I also think that nothing actually matters... She is what She is, and our respect and love for her is not going to reduce in any case whatsoever.
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    It is a matter of faith and beliefs. Generally, in different religions and cultures, the word saint is interpreted and perceived differently. There is no formal canonization process in Hinduism but over a period of time, few great souls having a great degree of holiness and sanctity are regarded as saints.

    However, the point raised by the author of thread appears to relate more to the sentiments than the religion.

    Perhaps the Mother Mary is considered to be the most meritorious saint in Christianity.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I am also supporting the views of the author. All these days we are well habituated to call or refer as Mother Teresa which had the touch of sentiment but now by anointing Sainthood on her, she would be called as Saint Mother Teresa henceforth. Surely she was the towering motherly figure to the world and her image whenever we see on the television or newspaper gets instant respect to her. Probably she was the only modern era women disowned the natural life and taken the path of serving the poor and needy and eventually earned the name and fame across the world.
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    I have not raised the issue or any other related issue knowingly in this platform because of the huge controversy over the activities of Missionaries of Charity, which has again come to fore during the ongoing canonisation.
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    "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet" - William Shakespeare ( Romeo and Juliet)

    A fool will always try to make sense of his nonsense!

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    I am dealing and responding the thread question in a general academic way and not connecting to any recent event.

    "Mother' is ever superior and superlative of all titles and positions. Mother is embodiment of kindness and compassion.(I am sometimes pained to see rare aberrations in the recent times).
    Even a Saint has a mother. Saint also originates from a mother only.

    Why saint?? Mother is superior to God also. Mother is the real, physical manifestation of God in front of us.
    That is why it is said as "Maatru Devo Bhav", first and foremost.
    A great Saint himself has proved that mother is superior and super to all relationships and titles and positions. Aadi Shankaraacharya, has narrated hi real emotions and facts about his mother-that suits to all sons and mothers- and the same is knows as "MaathruPanhakam". He original chanted those verses when he was doing the last rites of his mother- a ritual actually forbidden to Sanyasis , because they are supposed t cut of all relations and be unattached after taking Sanyaas. But to keep the word he promised to his mother Shankaracharya came and did the funeral rites to his mother.
    So it is very clear that Mother is fa far super and superior than even Saint. We Indians consider even Earth as Mother Earth.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    In the case of Mother Teresa, the title 'mother' is a religious honorific. In the Catholic faith, a female superior or founder of a religious order is called Mother. Since Mother Teresa founded the Missionaries of Charity, she got the title of Mother. It has nothing to do with her subsequent charitable work.

    Similarly, sainthood also has religious connotations. Comparing which of the two is a greater honour is futile. We are using limited knowledge in deciphering meanings of something that is determined by the canon law.

    A fool will always try to make sense of his nonsense!

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    Mother means nurturing, caring or who take care of a family. Mother Teresa was a caretaker for underprivileged society with her humanitarian feelings.

    Saint word derived from Sanskrit word 'sant' which means a religious person or prophet or spiritual leader. There is a vast difference between saint and mother. Saint term resides in a certain periphery or religion; whereas mother implies a great honour in every culture, society, religion and anywhere in the world.

    So, on this concert felicitating or titling saint is not so bigger than a person with mother title. Saint is just an honour by Pope Francis to Mother Teresa. However, she is already a saint for the world. There is no need to define her after a long time. She's served this world impatiently and without any self-indulgence.

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    I am glad to find 7 good responses on this thread which shows there are more than many who care for Saint Mother Teresa.

    Saint Mother Teresa. That is what I was happy to read in today's Amar Ujala newspaper. It seems as if I was not the only person who was feeling uneasy in not addressing as Mother. I am attaching a photo from the same newspaper page where 'Saint Mother Teresa' is written in bold. I would love to always address her as Mother Teresa and Saint Mother Teresa. It makes more sense, because we cannot remove a title to add another title. She is a mother and she is a saint and we can call her with both titles at the same time.

    Edit: The photo could not be uploaded due to some technical error. But I guess I have already made it clear what was to be found in that newspaper cutting. It was a headline that address her as Saint Mother Teresa.

    Ank Arya

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