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    When you attend a dead person, please try to be with bereaved family till funeral

    Yesterday one of my close relative expired and she was 85 years old. Now a days we are not getting personal calls even of deaths. A general message in the whatsapp group alert gave me about the information. Naturally every relative and friends visited the bereaved family and started leaving immediately. No one thought about staying up to last funeral rituals are over. If everyone leaves like that , then the days are not far when the four people required to take the body to the grave yard may not be possible. Be human. Stay with the bereaved family and console them at least till the funeral is over.
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    It depends on the closeness of the relationship. Generally, many people visit during such sad occasions to pay condolences or to pay homage to the departed soul. Ultimately, very close family members, relatives and friends remain till the cremation is over. Such close males accompany the body up the up to the cremation ground also. Many others particularly those who reside at distant places in other cities participate in the other rituals on the subsequent days also. Nowadays, there is a trend to complete the process within a short period instead of typical mourning period of thirteen days and observance of 'terhanvi' etc.
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    It's a thought that bites me too. If we care to make a visit, we should also care to be around. We never know but it may help the dead person's family to feel a little lighter that at least there are a few people who can stay when they need them.

    Ironically, the pain of a family in which a person has died is much more than the restlessness we feel while spending more time in a funeral.

    As Mr. Kumar stated in his response #577834, it also depends on how close a person or family is with us. Even that doesn't feel alright if we are visiting them from very distant places and then most people leave except just you. Sometimes, it remains better to leave the family and close relatives there, so that they can have their time. I guess even the soul of that person would like to have time with the family members.

    I still support the point raised by the author. Death is something that will come to all of us. We must understand that it is the biggest truth of life that it has to come to an end at some point of time. During funeral, if we can stay around for sometime, we should. We should know that it is our final goodbye to the person who is no more.

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    Yes, very well said, whether other agrees on this or not but personally I fully agree with. I too seen many people who just come and do the the rituals which they have to do and just they went out and go home. Now a day people are becoming so rude that they are not thinking of others feeling and what other need at that point of time, they are not thinking that whatever they are doing, one day or the other same thing will happen to them and then they will realize what accompany means when one faces desperate and bad time.
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    The view of the author is correct and it could be realized only by facing such situations. We four brothers and our father were got shocked when we returning home after the cremation of our mother to see our house found with only our family persons even close relatives were not found in the house. It is not expressible one the grief we met on this situation rather than our lose of Mother. It is okey to argue that everybody cannot be in that place till the final rites but the close relatives should be there. Normally we do not leave as such when we hear any news of this type and I definitely go to the house in person if is in-station otherwise I will drop a condolence letter immediately on receipt of that information.

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