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    Al-Quaeda claims exchange of former Pak army chief's son for al-Zawahiri's daughters

    It was a very significant but extremely secret event which even missed the eyes of avid Pakistan-watchers. But Al-Quaeda itself has revealed it! Al-Qaeda terrorist network has claimed that two daughters of its leader, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, and a third woman, were released a couple of weeks ago in exchange for the son of former Pakistan army chief General Ashfaq Pervez Kayani.

    While reports suggest that Al-Qaeda had in early August announced that Zawahiri's daughters had been released, some other independent accounts indicated that the global jihadist organization had been trying to secure their release in exchange for the kidnapped sons of Pakistan's elite. Now, Al Masra, affiliated with Al-Quaeda, highlighted the story on the front page, saying that detaining the "son of the Pakistani Army Commander" led to the release.

    However, it is till not clear when Jawahiri's daughters were taken by the Pakistanis and also when Gen. Kayani's son was kidnapped. However, this exchange speaks volumes about the so-called patriotism and professionalism of Pakistani Army!
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    So, what do you want to discuss here? Should we be talking about the infamous exchange during Vajpayee's regime? Sharing news is fine but do put in something so that the forum stays alive.
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    #577831: Some of the important issues on this matter are as under. Mr. Ganesh may kindly elaborate on these aspects:-
    (a) Pakistani intelligence agencies knew about the whereabouts of Jaahiri's daughters. Did they share it with other intelligence agencies?
    (b) Why is Gen. Kiyani so active and influential even after 3 years of retirement?
    (c) When was his son kidnapped and from where?
    (d) Did the USA know about the exchange?
    (e) What about the person who was executed by Al-Quaeda for helping Paki security forces to capture Jawahiri's daughters.
    Should I go on asking further questions on this issue?

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    One thing worth discussion on this thread whether covertly or overtly is the human sentiments and stories. Be they the army chief or the home minister, they are all humans and love their children. They generally go to any extent to protect their offsprings who carry their genes. The mortal humans attempt to live beyond their death also through their children.

    Many politicians succumb to the temptation of resorting to off-board tactics also for the sake of their children. The dynastic political families of India are a typical example of the same. It is not only about Sonia Gandhi or Lalu Prasad Yadav, it covers persons like Azam Khan, Jaswant Singh and Yeshwant Sinha also.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    There is a substantive difference in all these cases. In exchange of General Kiyani's (who is a retired General of Pakistan) son, daughters of Jawahiri and another top cleric of Al-Quaeda have been released. This has global implication. This should not be mixed up with cases with Indian politicians.
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    By discussing the terror issues pertaining to Al Quaeeda we would be giving more exposure to that outfit which is not working for the welfare of the people or their community.
    K Mohan
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