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    Reduction in total earning.

    Earlier my earning showing Rs 413, when today I recalculated it showing 386. cash credit for cool resource is shoeing 105 whereas it should be 140 for 4 articles. pl explain the matter.
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    Till any response is received from the editors, the author may go through the following thread recently posted by the Webmaster -

    Reason for deduction in points and cash credits when you recalculate

    Also there is a glaring typo in the word 'shoeing' in the thread.

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    The reasons for reductions in total earnings may be due to rejection or removal of your earlier articles published in this site which are no more required and the points assigned to that article earlier would be deducted along with the earnings you have been allotted.
    K Mohan
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    The reason may be due to some of your articles or post may be moved to pending status or deleted or in new submission status after you edited anything in a post. Please check new submission/pending/deleted link for all your articles and you will get the answer.
    Paresh B. Gujarati

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    This is my analysis of the current situation.

    Your article Anti-Missiles, Air Defense System to neutralise the missile attack is approved some days back. Recently, you edited it and the 30 points and 30 cc given to it are temporarily removed. In the mean while, one of your expert answers is approved and given 3 points and 3 cc. So, a resultant (-30 + 3 = -27) is applied for your points and cc and hence Rs. 413 is reduced to Rs. 386.

    Once your article is re-reviewed, the 30 points and 30 cc or more will be given to you. Generally, articles will be locked for editing after review. Sometimes, the editing permission may not be blocked, might be when editors forget to do so (not blaming editors). There is nothing to worry as you will get those points and cc soon.

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    Yes the article is not still locked.This may be the reason.
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