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    Ganesh Chaturthi supreme offerings

    [This entry wins the 4th prize for the creative story writing contest]

    Everybody in the Shinde family was busy preparing the necessities to complete Ganesh Puja on the auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi. The priest of Shinde family was doing the "Pran Pratistha" ritual of the idol.
    Nobody noticed what was going on between the offerings for Ganesh Chaturthi. All the modaks were conversing about how they are the sweetest and supreme of all the offerings. One modak said to the other, "You know, since we are the best offering in this ritual, everybody loves to have us. Even our deity Ganeshji. Ganeshji's favorite is modak." "It is true. Even all the people celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi love to have us. I am so proud of us", said the other modak. Suddenly, the jaggery(gur), started laughing."Oh! you amuse me so much. I am the sweetest of all. I am an essential ingredient in not just this ritual, but in any other ritual. I play a big role in Durga Puja, Chatth Puja and other celebrations. There is no comparison of me with you. I am much senior to you in ritual celebrations. So I am the supreme and sweetest offering made to Ganeshji. "

    Suddenly, the coconut could not keep a mum and grumbled with an agitated tone,"Why forget me? I am more senior to jaggery. No auspicious event is complete without me. Do you see somebody cracking a jaggery during a housewarming celebration? I don't think so. I may not be as sweet as jaggery or modaks are but sweetness gives you diabetes. I am not responsible for that. Strange is that, people fighting for supremacy cause the most dreaded disease of human beings. Isn't it true durvaji?"
    The bunch of durva grasses murmured softly, " I think that fighting for supremacy only by virtue of sweetness or anti-diabetic property is a mockery to this whole celebration. Don't fight. There is no point in fighting on Ganesh Chaturthi. Have you ever thought what Ganeshji will think of us? Why go for a fight, when it is very well known that when it comes to supremacy, there is no match of mine. My ancestors have been a representative of auspicious events for decades. Even any marriage ritual is incomplete without us. I heard coconut talking about housewarming. Well, housewarming celebrations have merely boiled down to parties now. Nobody is worried about coconut cracking. How can you think of completing any auspicious event without me? I may not be a palatable dish for people, but no one leaves me behind in any celebration? How about that modak?"
    The priest suddenly saw Mr. Shinde coming and went to talk to him. The tiff went on and would not have stopped if there was not a strong intervention.
    "Why are you fighting and disturbing my celebrations?" All the fighting entities stooped and turned to look its their very own Ganeshji. He continued,"Please don't behave like this. All of you are very dear to me, just like anyone in the world is. I don't care whether you are sweet modak or you are very senior durva. I love you all, because all of you help in completing the ritual successfully and peacefully.
    You know, just like this, even the mankind fights for supremacy. Some think they are more intelligent, while some others think they are more ethnic. But do you ever think that each of you help the world to be a better place to live in?
    So why fight and waste time? Please share the best of you with each other. I love all the offerings made to me. All of you make me feel special and this should be considered most important. Shouldn't it?"
    Each of the offerings felt ashamed of their behavior and agreed to Ganeshji. So, do you agree?

    This is a contest entry.
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    I would like to add something. A god isn't pleased by the offerings of a devotee. Infact the supreme sacrifice will be the devotee's own heart. You can pile up gold and diamonds before the idol, but what is the use if you put no heart in it?
    Don't worship him, treat him.
    Don't ask him love, give him love.
    Don't pray him, Praise him.

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    Some times I get pity at those Ganesh Pandal organizers that they spend huge money to show off in the public that how much money they spent to celebrate this festival for this time. But what is the use when you spend so much money but not praying the God with devotion. And at many places the big people in the society who have given good donation for the idol is being treated seprately and other devotees are stand to wait. In the eyes of God, every one is same. If some one donates money means , he earned through other ways and means and hence parting with some money.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Both of you are right in your opinions. It is the heart of the devotee that counts. So unless the devotee is clean in his mind and agenda, he will never be able to feel the theme of Ganesh Chaturthi. Each one of us need to feel this truth and act accordingly. Happy Ganesh Chatrurthi to both of you.

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