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    Why the drum beats even when Ganesh Idols being purchased and moved to pandal

    Well one can understand the enthusiasm of the devotees and the organizers who make elaborate arrangements like drum beats, throwing of colors and even distributing sweets and prasad for the send off to Ganesh idols after accepting 9 days of pooja. But the new fashion is to have the drum beats when the Lord Ganesh is selected and purchased and the whole route the devotees would yell and through huge sound with the drum beats much to the annoy of others. What is your view on this. Should we allow such hooliganism in the celebrations ?
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    Actually there is no such ritual of drum beating while carrying the Ganesha idol to pandal. However, it became a rubbish act and nuisance in society. I've seen many ridiculous behaviour and activities by Ganesh Puja organizers in Hyderabad. They perform pujas in every lane by blocking and jamming the roads for vehicles for a long more than ten days. This is completely annoying. Last year I'd suffered a lot due to this.
    Naresh Kumar
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    There is nothing new for me with this ritual. The devotees welcoming Lord Ganesha with drum beats and take them to their home or Pandals. It is very normal and old ritual of Maharashtra. We don't find any problems in traffic though it is, but again everyone here is deeply involved with Lord so have no issue at all.
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    Yes Naresh you go it right. We are not saying against the drum beats. But the gathering would certainly disturb others and passerby through that area.
    K Mohan
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