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    How do you feel, deal and dispose the hand bills, flyers and supplementary sheets dropped with a ne

    We pay for our newspapaer(s). Though there are not much increases in news'paper' readers, still a sizable percentage of population buys and reads physical newspapers. However many times we are burdened with unwanted notices, handbills and flyers inserted inside the man newspaper. There are daily of weekly suplemenatary sheets, some extra shets of just advertisements. The newspaper company gets revenue from the advertisements and sponsored supplements. The agents or distributors or newspaper'boys' may get some revenue inthe notices and handbills, flyers etc inserted and distributed.

    A few of them may be useful as informationof a new event, new shop inauguration etc, most are unwelcome intrusions. Sometimes they irritate me also.

    How do you feel about them? How you deal with them and dispose of them?
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    It has become a big nuisance for the readers to receive more hand bills or notices through inserted in news papers that reach us in the morning. Now a days in the name of local news paper, one full page of ad paper could be seen every week which has the advertisements all the shops in your vicinity offering special discounts or informing new arrivals. And the most bothering hand bills are of the schools and colleges. During the vacation time we receive lots of such stuff and I simply throw them in the dust bin even without reading them. The news paper vendor was warned by me not to insert such flyers in future otherwise I will stop the paper.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Incidentally, we are not getting newspaper since last 4 days as the hawkers are on strike in Lucknow. They are demanding enhanced commission of Rs. 1.50 on each newspaper.

    Most of the newspapers are surviving on the advertisements, both from the Government sector as well as from the private sector. Still, almost all employment notices, tenders and such other notifications are published in the print media also despite the fact that the electronic media has now come comparatively much in prominence. Even the internet resources are vying with each other to make more and more money through advertisements by adopting various tactics.

    I think, most of the leaflets etc. go waste as nobody reads the same. At least, I never have even a first look on such material which diverts attention. However, there may be people who may be reading and using information circulated through such medium. Perhaps without advertisements, even our ISC will not be able to survive.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It is in practice of our house hailed from my father, that we are keeping the handbills, if it has other side blank, in a big clip and we used to keep that clip near telephone with a pencil. It is highly useful to have any notes or telephone numbers received through phone. It is easy to note many other items as grocery requirement list etc., without searching paper for that in urgency. That pencil we never replace on any occasion as to avoid searching in needy minute.
    In our schooltime, in our city Madurai, there was a practice of giving handbills on the running films in the city. They were of somewhat big in size also and having the otherside blank. We collect all the handbills and used for write practicing of our sums and lessons.
    Sometimes, the hand bills also bring some good and needy information though many are considered waste for us. One time we got a news of preparing and supplying meals and tiffin items by persons very near to our house. This was noted by us and was very helpful to offer the matter for a needy situation in our neighbor house.
    In other situations, we just keep the handbills along with the newspaper and other waste paper and gave for weight at the end of a period.
    Our policy is nothing is a waste in this world as one is considered as a waste to one and needy to other.

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    We, in our home follow a practice similar to what Ramachandran mentioned in #577887 above.
    We pool the one sided handbills and notices and make them to improvised scribbling pad and hang them or place them near telephone, writing table etc. They come quiet handy to scribble whenever we need to note down someone's telephone number, address. We use it even to write a shopping list while going for purchases.
    I am attaching the photo of one such improvised scribbling pad made out of advertising notices inserted in our daily newspapers.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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