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    Maharashtra, Odisha and Madhya Pradesh, the most corrupted states in India

    As per a recent report produced by NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau), New Delhi Maharashtra leads no. 1 in corruption with 1279 cases, Odisha with 1197 cases and Madhya Pradesh with 634 cases in the year 2015. Most of the cases are in administrative departments, which are under covered by higher authorities and ministers. In Odisha the Vigilance is doing magnificent jobs whereas out of 1197 cases 105 big scams or corruption cases are pending in secretariat office, Bhubaneswar. About 248 corrupted ministers and officers are getting high security from the government also. How can we imagine our government is running smoothly if we evoke this report by NCRB, New Delhi? Please comment.

    # NCRB is an Indian government agency, a part of Ministry of Home Affairs responsible for gathering and analyzing crime records in India as per the IPC.
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    The more the population, the more the illiterate persons in the state, the more the dadagiri takes place in the state, there are every chances of increased corruption and crime rates. It is not astonishing to read and know that Maharastra, Orissa and MP are leading in corruption as incidentally these three states have common border and may be people who indulge in corruptions and crime may be traveling far and near in these states itself. The police force must be made accountable to root out corruption and also special teams in mufti must be commissioned to arrest crimes.
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    There is yet another dimension of the subject matter. The data cited by NCRB only reflects the number of cases which came to its notice instead of the actual corruption prevailing in the concerned states. The states where data is lower may not necessarily be the states with less corruption. As a matter of fact, higher figures indicate that the administrative machinery is more alert and paying due attention to the menace of corruption.

    Less number of instances of people getting caught may mean that at the higher level , the people in power and authority are not adequately vigilant. If we go by the NCRB figures then we will have to say that corruption is less in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh or Tamil Nadu.

    The real corruption lies at the political level. There is generally a nexus of politician-beaurocrate- criminals due to which corrupt practices flourish.

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