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    What qualities should one possess if he wants to become an expert in ISC?

    I often ask experts here. Some give quite satisfying answers while the rest just beat around the bush.
    I want to be an expert in History and Biology in ISC. What qualities should I possess?
    What is the process ?
    I assure you I have a sufficient knowledge about these two subjects and I think I deserve being an expert.
    If anyone knows how it works, please spare some time to explain me.
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    You need not ask permission here to be an expert. Visit Ask experts section and read the questions posted there regarding history and biology and start giving detailed answers on the subject but ensure that you will write everything on your own. Like wise you can also create some good articles from the history and biology on a specific subject as the students across the country would be verifying our sites for particular subject and notes on various articles in History and biology. ,In fact we are having very less contributors of history and biology for this site and you can start at once.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Dictionary meaning of the word 'expert' is - 'a person who is very knowledgeable about or skilful in a particular area'. Thus one has to acquire knowledge in the subject of his/her interest to become an expert. The most obvious process of acquiring knowledge is self-study.

    Both the subjects chosen by the author i.e. History and Biology are very interesting. As a matter of fact, these two subjects are so vast that for acquiring any expertise, a branch of the subjects will have to be chosen.

    However, regarding the author's query, I think he can consider raising threads in the forum section covering the subjects of his interest and while posting any content in any section of the ISC, consider browsing the internet resources to supplement his existing knowledge base instead of getting tempted to post hollow responses impromptu.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In case, you have acquired sufficient knowledge in a field, you may share the same with the members. As you have already pointed out both History and Biology are vast enough to be master in a short time. However, the real interest of the members in this direction would not dampen their spirit and can acquire mastery in the fields chosen by them. To have a degree in the subject concerned does not make one expert of the subject. It needs constant exposure in the similar field. We have seen experts in Tiso, who could assess the composition of hot metals of the Blast Furnace by observing its temperature. The were in a position to take the final decision regarding the exit of the hot metal from the Furnace. Basically they were not metallurgists - supposed to be experts but their intensive exposure with the operation made them experts in their related fields.
    So to be an expert in any field, you must have the desire to excel well in all the circumstances and your curiosity should not die down with the time.

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    As K mohan sir already explained you, start searching history and biology questions and answer them, the more number of question you attain with proper answer then automatically your name will display on ask expert section, if you want to share your knowledge then you can write number of articles regarding your expertise subject, in article section your article will brings you good recognization

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    Thanks everyone

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    Answer to questions in ask experts section on questions matters where you have knowledge. You may get feedback reactions of appreciations and criticisms depending on the quality of your answers and the satisfaction of those who raised the question.
    You can also gauge your expertise by the consistency and quantum of cash credits awarded to your answers.
    Bu please do no be static. Read and study more from different sources and go on adding and updating your knowledge. If not in ISC, that knowledge will help you in some way definitely.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    Well here expert answer means the answers which are given by the knowledgeable person who know the answer very clearly and also can explain the answer in a decent and easy way. So, I suggest you if you know the answer then please answer it as it will be very helpful for the person who is unknown to that answer.
    live happily in every situation of life

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