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    Can Reliance Jio(4G) lead to gradual ouster of other types of existing wireless broadband?

    4G as on now can have a theoretical maximum speed of 100 Mbps and a realistic speed of 20 to 40 Mbps. Some hands-on demos also show that the actual real speed to be around 20-22 Mbps. But the ground reality is that present Wi Max speed do not come even near to that.

    So will it be a soon-to-be situation that wireless broad bands will gradually be replaced by 4G by Reliance Jio first and other providers if they also give similar speds?
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    One aspect of 4G service is not yet fully clear to me. Suppose in a certain area, the user density is very high, then how it will affect the download speed of the users? Will the speed of all the users existing within the area slow down?

    Regarding the basic issue raised by the author, it appears that though the existing users of WiFi broadband services may adopt a wait and watch policy but the new entrants are likely to opt for the 4G services only.

    Even few wireline broadband users are also likely to consider migrating to 4G services to get respite from the connectivity issues. At banks etc. we sometimes come across situations when the officials sit with hung faces signalling the customers to come next day or wait for some time due to connectivity issues.

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    I think no established company would would wind up with this Reliance offer. Already existing players have introduced 4G connectivity much before Reliance entered this segment. And later comes always create commotion even in school classes, like wise Reliance is creating commotion in data era. By the way BSNL is preparing for 5 G and it is already advertising in this regard. Is that mean all the 4 G customers of Airtel, Idea, Vadafone and Reliance would now shift to BSNL. Its all nothing but bullying the customers to their side and we should stick to one operator for best service.
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    An emphatic no!
    The present offer of Reliane Jio will definitely start a price war among bigger companies in telecom sector. It may cause curtailment of job opportunities in this sector, severe cost-cutting measures and various other steps including laying-off of unproductive employees, but it would not be possible for Reliance Jio to oust other existing broadband.

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