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    My article length is 2100 character,can i submit it

    My article length is 2100 character,can i submit it. If i am reducing the length the quality and the coverage will be compromised. I want to submit the same.Pl advise.
    2. how to insert table in the article. one is self made in ms word another is taken from some source
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    Mr. N K Sharma, you can divide the article into two parts if it crosses the maximum word limit significantly. But, it is better to interlink the two parts. So, there won't be any need to reduce quality or coverage.

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    Krishna( #577918) - On the 'Add / Edit Resource' page it is mentioned that the authors may use basic HTML code. I am confused if codes related to a table are allowed or not in the article. I don't remember having seen any table in the articles posted in the ISC resources. Therefore, besides the technical aspects of the HTML codes related to the table, the ISC policies and guidelines in this regard should also be known clearly.

    Regarding length of the article issue raised by the author, I remember that in one case on approaching the editors, I was allowed to post one article which exceeded the words limit of 1500. However, as far as I could understand so far it is better to develop articles of prescribed length as splitting the article in two parts in the form of two articles, increases the chances of attracting more traffic.

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    Dear NK Sharma,

    Why don't you make use of that special textbox for editors which is shown everytime you are submitting a new article? You can find it just below the area where you write your article.

    I would like to inform you that I have fallen into both situations for which you are asking, therefore I want to forward the same suggestions to you that were given to me by ME Vandana ma'am and other editors.

    Please note that while your article may be submitted for this time (just submit it and wait what editors have to say on it), you should try to divide the article into two parts. If required, you can provide clickable link in your article so that the readers can go the second part of the article.

    Also, the use of Table tags is prohibited on ISC. The only way to show tables on ISC is to open the table on your computer, take a screenshot and use the same after required cropping in your article.

    My suggestions come from my personal experience. My articles that have been long (around 3000 or more words) were advised to be split and my table tags were suggested to be removed by editors. It is for the betterment for our articles, let's hope for the best and find a way around.

    (The best person to ask this would be from editors, hence I would suggest you to wait unless an editor responds)

    Ank Arya

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    K Mohan
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    Thank you all the advisors making the doubt clear.I also read FAQ by vandana madam, there is no maximum limit spelled in the FAQ. I will put table data without table.
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    As far as I understand, there is no word-limit in respect of posting articles. However, excessively long articles generally lose the attention of readers. So, it would be advisable to post lengthier articles in two parts, with clickable links. However, information in tabular form may be a problem in html format.
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    It is advisable for members not to give misleading information. When posting an article, next to the box of 'Article Body' it is very clearly written "Tags like BODY, HEAD, TABLE, H1 are NOT allowed." Accordingly, I have removed the part in Krishna's response where he gave the tags to put. I have also removed the part in Ank Arya's response which states that one way is to take my permission - how can I give permission for something that is not allowed?! Tony Sir did tell me once that if some member is truly proficient with tags he may allow it with special permission, but if it can be done without those tags, it would be far better. The rest of Ank's response is correct. What Partha stated also is correct, that too lengthy an article may create disinterest in the reader, unless the topic is something really very interesting.

    Clarifying further:
    1. Article length: We do accept lengthy articles if it is something that makes better sense to be presented as a whole, in one article, rather than splitting it up. An example would be one of my old articles, which exceeds 2,000 words: Best tips to store Indian vegetables and fruits and prevent spoiling. I could have put the section of storing of vegetables separately, but preferred to present it as a whole since the fruits and vegetables mentioned are generally what we do store together in the fridge and some tips apply to both.

    2. Inserting a table: What I do is to create a table in a Word doc or on an Excel spreadsheet and use the snip tool to capture an image of it. Then I put the image within my article, after cropping the edges a bit and resizing it if necessary. Please see my most recent article as an example: Complete list of Reliance Jio 4G LTE Network data plans and compatible smartphones.

    A table does help when you are providing some kind of data that looks better presented as a table rather than in a long list of points or sentences. It makse for an overall good presentation of the article too. It is akin to putting 2-3 images to make the article pretty!

    If you need any further clarifications, please let us know.

    Managing Editor,

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