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    Laluji says, "data is cheaper than atta (wheat flour)!"

    First Arvind Kejriwal took a dig at Reliance Jio by tweeting that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is modelling for the company, then Lalu Prasad Ji tweeted - 'What will the poor eat? Atta (wheat flour) or data? Data is cheaper, atta is dearer.'.

    What prompted me to raise this thread is the deep philosophy exuded by the statement of Lalu Ji. Can the underlying thought be dismissed as a dig at the technology only?

    Perhaps, few data hungry individuals will skip the meal also or at least dispense with the curry part for diverting money to buy more data.

    What you have to say about the wisecrack of Lalu Ji?
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    I always admire Lalu Prasad Yadav for his sense of humor and when ever he makes some statement it has some greater meaning and we the people would be just pondering over that. What he said that simply true. When we are burdened with ever increasing price rise on food items including Atta , and there is no respite in spite of Government importing the products, on the other hand the data connected to Reliance new company and its plan seems to be blessing for those internet hungry people who may skip even eating for want of connectivity across the country.
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    So far as data is concerned, the cost of the data is not the only concern. We have also to check the reliability of data available. At the same time, we must take care about 'information explosion' which a common net-surfer has to suffer. A person using internet must possess the ability to differentiate the data/information useful to him/her. As far as Lalu is concerned, he should not poke his nose in these high-level things which are beyond his capability.
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    I love Lalu and admire his jokes which has its own seriousness. It is true that data is far cheaper than atta, I mean the food and other things in our life. Just compare it with our monthly Broadband bill with other things. I pay Rs. 900/- per month to my service provider and browse 24x7 to get the data's useful and useless to me. Just think about me going for a lavish dinner in a star hotel where I need to spend a thousand for a meal. Think about visiting a cinema hall where I need to spend for simple eats which would cost more than the show fare.(Recently, I visited a cinema hall in Bangalore to view Hindi film 'Rustom' where I paid Rs.140/- for the ticket and spent Rs.280/- to have popcorn and Pepsi. ) Here I would say that the data(cinema) cost me only 140 and the atta(eats) cost me 280 . Thus, Lalu is correct with his statement 'Data is cheaper than Atta'.
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    We all aware of Lalu's comic timing which is more than any other comedian, even the best comedian of our country sometime in his life have made parody of him. He is really witty, his face is also unique from the other politician of our country. His way of giving answer to the journalist is also unique, well the answer which he provided, I think and we all will agree that it is somewhere truth and like a satire he used that. After all Jio is the trend of now which is make buzz all around India.
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    I find nothing new in these kind of statements from politicians. When Congress was in power, many BJP politicians were restless, including Modi ji who used to leave no chance to criticize one and all things Congress. Later, when BJP came in power, the same thing was seen with politicians of Congress and other parties. There is nothing new in it.

    While such statements often have some valid points, but a politician's (no matter who) statement is never shot from mouth for any betterment of people. Mostly, it is their just another chance to get some limelight and win a few more hearts or followers. If the current Prime Minister was one from Lalu ji's party, such a statement may not have come. Likewise, if Lalu ji was in Modi ji's place and Modi ji in Lalu ji's place, even then a similar statement may have been released.

    I do not wish to disrespect or offend any politician or their followers, but I find no difference in Modi ji and Lalu Prasad Yadav or any other politician. Many of these well-known faces seem to me as bloody selfish guys who are using their brains to win people strategically. If it is beneficial for them and their parties, they are so much able to find a mountain out of mole.

    (Personally, I am a fan of Lalu ji for his funny statements and reactions that often go viral on WhatsApp. I don't know how bad or good he is as a politician, but he is an awesome entertainer.)

    Also, despite of all the cat fight that keeps going on and on, I find Lalu ji's statement worth a thought. It surely has some weight...

    Ank Arya

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    It is really fun to hear such jokes made by Lalu Prasad Yadav and for his sense of Humor and rhymes everybody likes him. But I think this comments should not be taken seriously because progress in any sector needs to be appreciated. Instead of taunts and leg pulling some times politicians should also appreciate other politicians for their efforts also but this kind of practice is seen rarely when it comes to Indian politics.
    Because their is no relation of data and aata and in both sector progress is happening at its own pace.
    For a huge public and brigade of youth that India have Data has also become a necessity these days to acquire knowledge and when cost of knowledge will decrease its outcome will definitely be good.

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    It is rightly said by Lalooji as 1kg of Atta is around 30-40Rs. whereas internet data is very cheaper in all of the service providers. The rate of Atta becoming higher and higher day by day; in the same time data rates are lessening day by day.
    Naresh Kumar
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    The statement by Laluji might be politically motivated but we cannot deny the truth behind what he has said.

    I don't think it is yet time to forget the initiation of mobile phones in India by Reliance @ Rupees five hundred or so. What did we see thereafter? So, the present Jio 4G also will surely be having some hidden agenda about which we, the general public, need to be wary of.

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    I don't know what the hell Lalu has given to Bihar, that he is making such points? Bihar has been ruled by this man for many years and we all know what's the fate of people from Bihar. They have to earn their "atta" in other states.

    As far as data is concerned, it is completely a different commodity. Those who want to use data use it, there is no compulsion. Hence, the point made by Lalu is absolutely useless because Jio is a private company and they spending their own money in giving such services plus they have provided employment to many jobless people with this telecom company.

    If government had invested their own money in a company like BSNL, then such statements would have made any sense as the taxpayers money would have been involved.

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    I not only enjoyed the wisecrack by Laluji, but even felt thankfully how the railways reduced at least one rupee ticket when he was Railway minister. In fact I have mentioned that in one of my threads .

    There is a changing trend of defiance and 'who are you tell me' attitude in this central government now. The passing of GST somehow has gone to their head.
    This government has failed my sincere expectation about them.
    1. They did not reduce fuel cost or transportation cost even when international Oil price came down by more than fifty percent.
    2.Prices of every item are increasing gradually .Government does not appear to have bothered about that.

    3. Corporate taxes have been reduced but not a single paisa reduction is given to common man's taxes like income tax etc.
    4.Railways have started looting passengers by exploiting their helplessness .Fares were increased arbitrarily and changes made in cancellation, reservation period, Tatkal booking etc all to harass passengers . Premium Tatkal, Suvidha etc are just loot methods literally fleecing passengers. While earlier governments were starting 'holiday specials' and 'Janata trains' this government has introduced 'loot maar' charges called 'dynamic pricing and surging pricing'. Thus Indian Railways became black marketers in transportation.
    5.A train introduced for giving comfort to ordinary [people at reduced rates- Garb Rath also is not spared. Instead of helping passengers accommodation, IRCTC was allowed to recommend airplane tickets for those not getting confirmed ticket till last minute.
    6.Firest this government wanted somehow to pass Land blll to help big corporates and monopolies acquiring land(even agricultural land) for large projects easily. From day one the govt's trend was in helping the corporates and multinationals who(would have) helped the party come to power.

    7. Impatiently pushing for the GST bill was another blatant example of how badly the govt wants to help big corporates and multinationals.
    PM was almost in foreign tour. That reminded me of the nickname Rajiv Gandhi got as 'Non-Resident PM'. Soon, that may suit sick to the current PM also.
    8. PM and govt mostly concerned with creating images with foreign governments and leaders only. They just do not mind what is in the mind of domestic citizen.
    9. The big talk of bringing back black money stashed in foreign banks is very conveniently forgotten. The NDA government simply completes the incomplete (anti-people policies of the previous UPA govt. All those which the NDA opposed in Parliament when UPA was ruling are more vehemently implemented by the present NDA government eating their own words.
    10. Those who were appearing to be opposition to the NDA- Congress, AAP,CPM etc seem to have vanished from the scene making the NDA government do what they like with a defiance to the people.
    Now the only hope is how far Mamta and Jayalaitha can hold.

    Lao Lalu ko. ; sikhao NDA ko. At least we may get some light relief by matter to laugh and smile.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    After full implementation of GST data will still cost less and Atta will cost further more.
    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    Lallujee is known for realistic satires and no doubt his statement seems to be quite relevant when he says that data is much cheaper than atta. What he means to say that the prices of essential food commodities are galloping in an errational way and for which there is no rational justification. In regard to data, my BSNL provider provides me broad band service for a meagre sum of Re 900. May be, the concerned authorities wifi take abundant pain to contain the prices of essential commodities so as to offer them Phillip to some extent to curb their woes.

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