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    This teacher's water conservation efforts were praised by the PM !

    Mr. Santosh Singh Negi is a Mathematics teacher in a Government college in Pauri, Uttarakhand,. He has been praised by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his monthly radio show, 'Maan ki Baat', for his work towards water conservation. After realising that the level of groundwater was falling rapidly in the Kotdwar area of Pauri District of Uttarakhand, Mr. Negi began thinking of ways to retain water during monsoons. The Principal of the Government college where he teaches, gave him permission to dig holes in the playground on campus. He was then joined by some schoolchildren who assisted him in digging four-feet wide pits on the sides of the field to collect rainwater every season. Mr. Santosh Singh Negi posted about this initiative on the MyGov portal.

    Mr. Negi earlier received bravery award from Godfrey Philips foundation in 2012. He was born with short and weak limbs but he has never let his disability come in the way of realising his dreams. His parents passed away when he was in Class 11. He never lost heart his education by giving tuition to students. Now, he is preparing for Civil Services Examination.

    I salute this young man's indomitable spirit and his urge to work for the development of the society.
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    We the ISCians should also loud the efforts of Santosh Singh Negi ,Mathematics teacher , Government college in Pauri, Uttarakhand for his effort to harvest rain water to the parched area of his place. Such efforts must be loaded and becomes a trend settler.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Santosh Singh Negi is orthopaedically handicapped in one leg since birth. He had posted about this initiative of digging holes in the playground on the school campus for conservation of rain water on the MyGov portal which was taken note of.

    The Prime Minister Narendra Modi mentioned about him in 'Mann Ki Baat' address on June 26, 2016, by observing the -

    'A teacher from Pauri Garhwal, Santosh Negi, has shared how he tried conserving rainwater. Every citizen of the nation can take a message and learn from him. It would be great if we can conserve water in the villages and cities while enjoying the rains during monsoon'.

    Santosh had won Mind of Steel' award from the Godfrey Phillips foundation in the year 2012 after he sought information from Garhwal University under the Right to Information Act, 2005 to find what facilities were being provided to the students. He had complained to the Government after finding that the students were not receiving appropriate facilities. Additional funds were allocated to the university after his action/initiative.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Great Salute to the Teacher for his contribution. Not only Teachers and School authorities but also we, people should cooperate to attain such goals of our Government. It is our duty indirectly or directly inherited with us. In one school near salem of tamilnadu, the teachers are advised the students to pour the water from their water bottles in a drum provided in the entrance of the school gate so as they should not waste the water by pouring anywhere. The school used that water to feed the plants of the school.

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