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    Have members started posting contents on ISC using 4G technology?

    The question raised on this thread appears to be a dumb one at the first glance. However, I am eager to know from the fellow ISCians, if they have already started using 4G technology for posting contents on ISC at a faster speed.

    Those who work on smartphones or tablets might have started like the author Jebaprincy who has bought her Lyf smartphone long back and developed an article also on the topic - 'How to get Reliance Jio SIM with free 4G data'.

    I am excited about 4G as I am using 4G connectivity for typing this thread on my laptop using Wi Pod, 4G I LTE which got activated yesterday. It is giving better speed.

    Have members started posting contents on ISC using 4G technology?
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    I feel that very few Members have shifted to 4G as on date. It may take some more time, but ultimately most of the Members would shift to 4G. This is quite natural. People will start clamouring for 5G very soon!
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    Since it is the new technology and new offers are being offered to the customers, the people are still at confusion stage as to which connectivity they have to take. So whole some participation may be taking some more time with new 4G technology.
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    Earlier I was having the conventional dongle which was required to be inserted in the USB port. The new hardware is a WiFi enabled iPod which can be kept anywhere to receive signal.
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    The content which members post at ISC is in Kbs only since it is in written format, so it doesn't make any difference whether it is 3G or 4G one is using. It may matter in case one is uploading something in Mbs for example an image.

    Since you have started using 4G, did you find any difference while posting content at ISC?

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    Gypsy - Nothing worth mentioning. I already have an Airtel Broadband connection and so far using the same. After starting using Wi-Pod of Reliance Jio since today morning, nothing magical or miraculous is happening. It is business as usual. As you have mentioned, perhaps because I am not downloading anything.
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    One more thing - speed of typing something on your laptop or desktop has nothing to do with your internet connection, so whether you are using 2G/3G/4G doesn't make any difference while typing out a response. The thing which makes a difference while typing out a response is the speed of your device, which in turn depends on the processor, motherboard & RAM of the device being used.

    The speed of the internet connection matters only when one is uploading or downloading anything.

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    Gypsy - I can understand that the speed of typing which a handicraft work also, is not dependent on the internet speed. My point was limited to announce that besides participating in the hullabaloo regarding 4G, I have started it using also.
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    The thread remind me our one of student member Ekta Raikwar who is not active nowadays. May be she is busy with her study. The most important part of her that she started posting her contents through Nokia Asha mobile with 2g network and become the forum and ask expert super star if I am not wrong with that kind of mobile and data. Later she bought her own laptop with the money she earned from ISC.

    So, it is not important if you are using 4G or 3G or 2G, matter is how much you involve with your work.

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    I appreciate Jeets(#577974) for mentioning about Ekta Raikwa. What a nice and right gesture ! I also recall the unique personal touch(right from heart) in her threads and responses. Thank you for reminding about a good member's lack of activity. Hope Ekta will re-activate her ISC presence after her exams are over.

    About the topic under discussion, I am using desktop and BSNL WiMax connection. My internet use and needs in mobile phone is quite limited and occasional only. So for me 4G is not an urgent necessity now. Probably after things stabilise I may also opt for4G basd on cost affordability and compulsion when there is no better alternative.

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    Well I personally use 3G speed for posting contents in ISC but I think it doesn't matter because the 3G an 4G look as same speed, I personally experienced, that in both 3G and 4G sim of airtel speed are as same but downloading speed little bit differs. I think the main thing is our typing speed and if our typing and thinking speed is fast then we don't have to worry about such things. Till now I haven't used the Jio sim but I think his and airtel 4G speed will be same because they are both 4G and here airtel towers are near gives me the strong signal.
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    As far as I have noticed, our Editor and member Jebaprincy has started using JIO 4G SIM which comes with free preview offer. Recently, she has also posted some content on ISC, informing about the SIM and how it works.

    Personally, I am still making use of 2G and 3G connections. Mostly, I make use of 2G connection for browsing needs and 3G connection is used wherever necessary or wanted. I have not had my hands on a Jio 4G SIM so far, which is also because I am unsure if it is going to work in our town or not. There are almost zero people known to me in the town who have tried Jio SIM card in our area, and even I do not wish to do that experiment on myself. Once things and crowd for Jio connections settle down, I may try to get a SIM for myself. As of now, I believe that Jio signals do not exist in our town.

    I am also considering a BSNL broadband connection to avail their promotional Experience BB plan which will cost only between 200 and 300 rs for 6 months and then around 500 rs afterwards. My main use of internet is for browsing and reading and even a good 2G connection seem enough to do that on my laptop. As BSNL has increased their minimum bandwidth to 1 Mbps, I expect that their new Unlimited Broadband plan will at least provide me a little better speed than my current 2G connection. For other things, I keep a 3G SIM installed on another WiFi dongle, often recharged with addtional data for moments when speed matters the most. Aircel offers 2.5 GB data for just Rs. 89 at good 2G speed in Uttarakhand, which really helps me to never run out of data. Depending on usage, I do this recharge one to three times in a month and make sure to use every KB from it.

    If 3G and above is for speed, 2G teaches us patience.

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    Since yesterday I am on tour outside Lucknow and my Wi Pod supplied by Reliance Jio is working fine in providing 4G connectivity and therefore I am able to post contents on ISC using the same.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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