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    Interesting: Abraham Benhur found ancient Jewish burial chambers in his backyard!

    A historian and conservationist from Kerala, Abraham Benhur, made a startling discovery on his farm. Hidden underground were ancient burial chambers unlike anything he had ever seen before. A little bit of digging revealed that the tombs on his property could be carbon dated back to the year 300 BC. The burial chambers were arranged in an East-West direction, meaning these could only have been the tombs of ancient Christians or Jews. Since the tombs predated Christianity by at lease three hundred years, Abraham has surmised that these were the remains of one of the lost Jewish tribes of Israel, which had travelled to India many centuries ago.

    This interesting finding proves that even 2300 years ago, Jewish tribes used to come to India mostly for trade purposes, and ultimately settled in this beautiful land. After all, Kerala is "God's own Country"!

    I sincerely hope that further excavation will be taken up in the nearby area for more detailed research on this interesting finding.
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    This information seems to be interesting and starling revelation and if the ASI digs into more details then we could establish the real treasure of BC era findings.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Abraham Benhur is a prominent environmental activist, poet, filmmaker and ethnographer. His documentary film , 'Rabiya Moves' had won the National Award for the Best Educational film in the year1997. He has authored many other books e.g. 'Benhur's Poems', 'The Location of Eden', 'The Jewish Christians of India (2009)', 'The Jewish Background of Indian People(2011)' and 'Megalithic Monuments of South India (2012)'.

    Recently, his book 'The Megaliths of Jewish Lost Tribes' has been launched in which he has focussed on his research on the burial chambers in the Indian peninsula.

    According to Benhur, St. Thomas had travelled by sea to the trading port of Kodungallur. He has concluded that the earliest converts to Christianity in Kerala were actually these Jewish People and the Nazranis of Kerala are their descendants.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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