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    Is it possible to grow the Cutting Hand and Leg for human beings?

    I always wonder that if the hair and other tissues of human body will regrow means why it is not possible to get the hand and leg?
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    The human hairs and nails are dead tissues which are discarded by the body continually as against the body parts which are composed of the live tissues. In the case of injury etc. , the healing process takes place which closes the wound site often leaving a scar. Certain human organs like liver etc. regrow but the other organs are not known to regrow.

    Unlike humans, a lizard-like animal salamanders have remarkable regenerative powers. They can regrow and restore functions of the body parts including the spinal cord and heart and even parts of the brain. Among vertebrates i.e. the animals with a spinal cord, fish can regenerate parts of the brain, eye, kidney, heart and fins. Frogs can also regenerate the limb, tail, brain and eye tissue during the early stage as tadpoles but not when grown up as adults.

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    Well this is really a tricky question and not every one would be answering it . My father was amputated in the right leg during 2000 and till 2007 he was bed ridden and there was no sign of any growth of the leg which was amputated. Yes I do agree that when we tonsure our head, the hair grows fast, when we shave our beard, it grows fast, like wise our amputated leg or hand must also grow. That is why most of the people take help of Jaipur foot or hands so that their daily routines can be carried out without expecting help from others. But what I understand that those who lost one leg they get double the strength in another leg.
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    If it happens like that then it would be great for the human well being, and the one if any parts of his/her body got cut in an accident or something like that, then they don't have to worry for their future because a new leg or a new hand or any parts of a body which is got cut will be grown up. But all this are fantasy thoughts it would never happen in this world we all the answer, But still we hope of something which wouldn't happen, just make us get some relief from the pain which we are feeling are seeing on others.
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    As of now the answer is 'No". But who knows what is in store , as research is going on in many fields. We may not be surprised that also becomes a reality. Organ transplant and cell transplant has become more and more common.
    So organ re-growth also may happen soon. Asexual reproductions a fast developing research field and there are successes in cases of animals. It may be just a few steps to get it successful in humans.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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