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    Rules of driving and rules of the road is not to follow on roads only

    Yesterday, when I walk on the platform of a main road, a Motor cycle with high speed came from the inside of a big apartment dashed on an auto run on the road. The security personnel did not alert the vehicles coming from inside as well the driving persons also thinking themselves as the owner of entire apartment. The vehicles coming from inside a lane or street entering into the main road should very cautious about the running vehicles as they could not expect from the vehicles from the lane/street. Similarly the security persons should also stand outside of such apartments and alert the vehicles of both sides.
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    Primarily, it is the responsibility of the vehicle drivers who hold a driving license to ensure that their vehicles are not colliding with any other's vehicles e.g. while driving out of an apartment building. The vehicle drivers/owners have to be very cautious while coming out of the gate and entering on the public road. The role of security guards etc. in such cases is purely secondary in nature.

    As a matter of fact because of such careless behavior and lackadaisical attitudes toward safety aspects only, so many road accidents in India take place resulting in 400 road deaths per day which has been described as 'daily massacre on our roads'.

    Perhaps, the safe driving has no longer remained dependent on the skill and expertise of the vehicle drivers/owners. It appears to have become more dependent upon the attitudes and behavior of other's which is not within one's own control.

    The college going bike riders perhaps pose the greatest challenge. Their behavior is totally unpredictable and nobody knows as to from where and when they will suddenly appear.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I do agree with the author that those who are coming from the lane must drive slow and as soon as they reach main road, they must give way for main road vehicles first and then enter the main road and take the stance. But often we find that people coming from the lane think that they need not see vehicles plying on the main road and thus create havoc to the road user who have to use the sudden brake some time to prevent hitting the vehicle coming from the lane. Moreover caution boards must be kept at the entrance of each main road and speed breakers must be installed so that some brakes would be applied by the vehicle owners and thus prevent accidents. Like wise honking in residential area, near schools, hospitals must be totally prevented.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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