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    Caution: I feel our data submitted to this site is being hijacked or stolen

    On 1st Sept itself I have submitted my filled in invoice for seven hundred rupees so as to effect payment to my bank. Today when I visited my profile page, my invoice gone missing. So I resubmitted one more fulled in invoice to the site. What I feel that data shared in this site is either got hijacked or get stolen. Even some members complained that their valuable articles shared here are also appearing in other sites. I would request Tony , our webmaster to ensure that our banks details being uploaded to this site may be kept confidential and a method be created to keep our bank details permanently and effect payment automatically,
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    First of all, I thank Mr. Mohan for raising this thread. I just found that my Aug 2016 payment invoice too is missing. Members! Check whether your Aug 2016 payment invoice is missing or not! I think something is wrong. Webmasters are requested to look into the issue.

    All my previous invoices are missing. Members! Check whether this happened to you too!

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    I would not doubt or cast aspersions. I have full confidence and trust in ISC security.

    But still, as this thread is raised, on context , let me say my experience. For the first time in my history with ISC, my invoice was not attended and payment delayed for August 2016 payment. Usually I do not follow up such things as I take it granted that ISC payment will come in due time. But last month when I did not get my payment, I checked my profile and found that Timmy had replied to me that he could not open my invoice. Then I took it as some error from my side.

    But now I am confused if that also is due to some other issue.

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    My payment invoice is not visible but I will wait for a response from the Webmaster before speculating anything. It may be due to certain technical glitch and in case so required, I will upload my payment invoice again.
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    Looks like there is a major issue with Invoice submissions. Plase hold on to this. Let me investigate.
    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    I also feel that there are definitely some problems in this site. Today afternoon, I suddenly found my earning in negative. However, that problem was automatically resolved. However, I am sure that Webmasters and other Members with expertise in computers would do the needful.
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    The issue is resolved and lost data is now restored. Please see this announcement.
    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Tony thanks for taking prompt action on the matter and hope our data and invoices would be safe in future.
    K Mohan
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