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    Traditional values are disappearing?

    Hi Friends
    As the topic itself say's what I wish to discuss. Now a days how technology is growing as the same lot of tradition's are also disappearing. Why I wish to say this is because recently Lord Ganesha festival was celebrated all over. I think only in festivals I see people drawing rangoli's outside the house the rest of the day's they don't even bother to clean in-front of their house, where in our childhood I used to see even working ladies would clean in front of the house and draw beautiful rangoli's daily. But now most of them say we don't get time at all, to do all that stuff work. They do only during festival's.
    According to me how we do our daily necessary activities these small traditions at least should also be followed. By doing this we are giving some positive response or respect about the tradition to the future generation. Earlier we had rangoli competition's every where conducted, but now its hardly conducted and if so it is conducted I find all above 50 years old ladies participating in it. Young generation just don't no about it.
    I feel at least basic tradition knowledge they should have along with their studies or future plans.
    Is my Thinking wrong or right????????????
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    In our area there are many Telugu's who lives in Railway quarters and I always find the Telugu's women doing Rangoli's outside their house and I find them very much traditional as they wake up in the early morning, make breakfast for their husband and get busy in plucking the fresh flowers and then after doing so much also they get time for doing Rangoli. I mean to say the people who wants to do something they will definitely do that and they will never make any excuse the person who says that she don't get the time to do it, it means she is not interested only, the only which needed for making Rangoli is a knowledge about it and the main thing interest which most of the people don't have.
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    Values are always subject to change. Except a few core values, all other values are subject to change as per situations and change of generations.
    So it is just very common to hear and see the previous generations complaining that traditional values have deteriorated and people do not respect values. This, all the same, the same persons also have caused. We would have diluted or even broken some traditional values of previous generation, and the next generations may violate or dilute some of the values we hold. That is a continuous happening.

    Even the scriptures say that there will be erosion of values from one period to another, one generation to another and one Yuga to another. Thus the fourth Yuga -Kaliyuga" has only 25% of values intact in comparison to the first Yuga,Sat Yuga.

    But at least they current situation has not deteriorated to that prediction. Time is more for the end of Yuga, and we shudder to imagine what will happen later on!

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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    The technology is all pervasive. It has therefore influenced culture also. However, the internet technology impacted the world as never before. As a matter of fact, various cultures developed at many places because of the absence of communication between the different societies. All were living isolated and aloof from other civilizations. The modern communication technology particularly the video communication has melted the boundaries and a universal culture is gradually emerging.

    Nowadays, the process of making rangoli has changed. Templates are used and computer aided designs are used. The powder used for making rangoli has also changed. Similarily, e-darshan, e-puja, e-donation, e-aarti etc. has emerged.

    Values do change with the passage of time. Technology has made the changes occurring at a much faster pace. For cleaning the floor for puja earlier cow dung was used in the villages which has now been replaced by many modern cleaning agents.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In my opinion, basic values never change with time. These always remain same. We, the human beings, try to follow these basic values, Sometime we can,sometime can't. However, the culture or custom changes with time. We should not get confused to distinguish between values and culture/custom. These are different.
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    I agree with the author that modern day girls are not participating in coloring the place outside their homes and they are escaping under the garb of paucity of time. Even today my daughter who is also busy with her preparation for Medical seat to the ensuing year, was made to habituate the traditional style of beatifying the area in the front of the home with traditional Rangoli. We in Tamil call it Kolam and in Telugu they call it Moggu. In normal days, the pattern is made with white powder created from the rock or some times we use the rice atta to make the designs. But during festivities various colors are used to decorate the patterns thus drawn and give a aesthetic look. Normally there would be a virtual competition among every house hold in our areas as to who will draw bigger Kolam and decorate them. It takes lots of time and one must have patience to create such good pattern.
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    Whenever I have visited Chennai, Chidambaram, Madurai and Puducherry, I have secretly appreciated the beautiful art made by pretty Tamil girls just in front of their entrances of their houses. I didn't know before reading this thread that nowadays girls are not interested in doing this. I found that the girls and ladies did this intricate art within maximum 15 minutes.

    In Bengal and Assam, ladies draw different intricate floral designs with their fingers during Poojas and other special occasions. This design is called 'Alpana' in Bengali.

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    Yes, I agree that traditional value are disappearing and that too very fast. Even traditional customs are disappearing since the jet-age generation does not have time for that. Today only I read in the newspaper that Pandas (priests) at Haridwar etc have started online services for paying respect (like pind daan) to our forefathers since people don't have time to go to Haridwar for such & other customs.

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    The younger generation is very busy in making money and so they don't have time to follow all the basic traditional activities. We cannot blame the young working women because they will be very busy in doing both the household and office work round the clock. Many ladies who are working in IT companies are reaching home after 9'o clock and they are preparing their dinner after 9'o clock and are moving to bed by 12'o clock. And their next day routine starts at 5'o clock in the morning and they have to prepare their morning breakfast and have to again start their work journey. In the middle of their busy schedule, they don't even have time to think about the traditional activities. Previously the working women will draw colorful Rangoli in front of their house during festival time. But nowadays, many IT companies are even working on festival day also and even if the company is off on any special day, the working women prefers to take rest on that day. Even if they know about all the traditional activities, many ladies don't have time to implement the traditional activities in their daily life. So special training on traditional knowledge is not required. Since they don't have time, the interest towards the traditional activities is gradually decreasing among the ladies and that is the reason for the disappearance of the traditional activities.

    But still some young ladies who follow all the traditional activities are also living in India. Because of such ladies, our traditional activities will also live for few more years.

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    Yes, we are the main culprits for such disaster of disappearing the traditional values. Many youngsters getting changed to western culture by thinking that those are good. But we do not know that they are, western countries, do respect our culture and traditional values. From here the shore is good to see but if we go near we will realize the reality. similarly we are doing like the cat heating its body by seeing the tiger.

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    Thank you all for your sincere thinking and valuable response. As author Soundharya told that now a days women's are very busy they go to bed late and get up early etc , I think that's not the excuse because my mom was also working women she would get up at 4 o'clock to finish up the house work and take a glance of the notes that she has to teach that day because she was a high school science & mathematics teacher for 9th and 10th and she would go to bed at 12 o'clock. Her routine was not less than IT companies working women, but she would always teach us about the traditional values and its importance. Actually I feel that if we are interested surely we can follow at least some if not all.

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