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    Let us share experiences about online cab booking services offered by many companies

    I have so far never booked and availed online cab booking service, though I intend to do so for a dropping service at the railway station or the airport. In view of the above, I intend to know the process and get enlightened by experiences of the members who avail such services on regular basis.

    Should it be booked much in advance or at the nick of time only? Which companies are providing such services in various cities? It is not about just answering my queries but more about the ground realities or the practical experiences.

    Let us share experiences about online cab booking services offered by many companies in the various cities of India.
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    Whenever I need a cab for going to airport or railway station with luggage, I take the help of my dependable friends of 'Punjab Travels' located just beside our residence. They have never failed me-not even at 2.30 a.m. Once I booked Ola cab on experimental basis, but it didn't reach my residence on time; so I had to revert to old and trusted 'Punjab Travels'.
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    It largely depends on your own location. Install apps of Uber and/or Ola and check the density of cabs around your location at least one day before during the same time you plan to catch a cab. If you can see even 2-3 cabs near your location then it would mean that your area is serviceable and you can book the cab in nick of time.

    There are various varieties of cabs too with different rates. In Ola "Micro" cabs are cheapest and in Uber "Uber Go" cabs are cheapest. Book those just around 15-20 minutes before leaving. Best thing about them is that they don't charge round trip amount and hence are cheaper than rental service cabs are provided by local service providers like the one mentioned by Partha above.

    Again, just make sure your area has good density of these cabs, in case your area doesn't have that much density of cabs you might get stuck in a catch-22 situation.

    I live in Navi Mumbai and here there is no dearth of cabs, 24/7 the service of these cabs is easily available and being much cheaper than the Kaali-Peeli cabs no doubt are great for going anywhere, be it Railway station, Airport or returning from a party in late night.

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    I do not know about Lucknow how the cab services are operated, but in Hyderabad, we have many popular and famous cab services which has fancy telephone numbers through which we can call for a cab booking and almost every cab companies have stationed their vehicles at vantage points across the city and hence within 10 minutes of booking the car driver shall contact you and come to your place for pick up. All the activities are controlled by GPRS system and there is no question of cheating or misbehavior by the cab drivers. All the cab drivers are registered and scanned by the Police.
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    As Ankit said In places like Mumbai it very easy to get such cabs nearer to area. Recently I hired Uber cab and faced good experience with the cab services.

    I personally feel that as far as charges are concern Uber is cheaper than Ola cab.

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    The main issue is that the service depends on the real-time availability of cabs. Therefore the locations matter most. In case one has to catch a train or a flight, depending on such service providers in areas which are not frequented by them may prove costly.
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